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    XXXTentacion’s Suspected Murders To Face Trial

    Over four years ago, a group of gunmen murdered the extremely talented, upcoming rapper XXXTentacion during a heist outside a South Florida motorcycle store.

    Three individuals have been accused of committing a serious crime involving murder and robbery. If found guilty of the latter, Michael Boatwright, the suspected shooter, and his two alleged accomplices could all be sentenced to life in prison.

    Robert Allen, the 26-year-old who admitted to second-degree murder last year, is set to testify against the other three men. Jury selection will take three weeks.

    Attorneys of the defendants claimed that other people had motives for XXXTentacion’s death. They believe that members of the 17 artist’s family, as well as other rappers, had financial and personal reasons for the singer’s murder.

    Last Monday, Judge Michael Usan denied Boatwright’s request for a declaration of mental incapacity, as well as the defense lawyers’ request for separate trials for the three accused.

    On June 18, 2018, XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Onfroy, paid one last visit to Riva Motorsports in suburban Fort Lauderdale. When leaving the dealership, an SUV swerved in front and obstructed his BMW. Two masked assailants approached XXXTentacion at the driver’s window and one of them shot him. They then returned to the SUV and sped off after grabbing a Louis Vuitton bag, containing $50,000 that the singer had just withdrawn from the bank.

    XXXTentacion passed away in the hospital at the age of 20. The platinum-selling rising sensation who addressed problems like discrimination, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, and despair in his songs. He blew up initially while behind bars for a domestic abuse charge, once released the sky was seemingly the limit for him.

    Do the suspects deserve life behind bars? Will justice actually be served? What were your favorite XXXTentacion songs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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