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    Xersize’s “Over The Wall” Confronts The Pain Of Dysfunctional Relationships

    Swedish rapper Xersize brings forth his latest single, “Over The Wall,” a deeply personal and introspective piece that delves into the complexities of a relationship that should have ended long ago. The track is a raw and honest exploration of the emotions that come with realizing that sometimes, love isn’t enough.

    The song draws inspiration from jazz and blues, showcasing a new sound for Xersize. With the help of producer Robinholta and the addition of singer Maria Hajto’s vocals, “Over The Wall” is a powerful ode to the difficulties of letting go and moving on.

    As Xersize confesses, we have all been blinded by love, and his vulnerability in this piece makes it relatable to anyone who has experienced the pain of a dysfunctional relationship. “Over the Wall” is a song and a message to all those struggling to leave a relationship that no longer serves them.


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