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    WWE Star Cody Rhodes Leaves Fans With An Unforgettable Message

    Wrestlers Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins had an incredible match at WWE Hell in a Cell. They fought in a steel cage match, and Rhodes battling an injury prior to the match still powered through to make a classic. While they both put on a phenomenal show, the talk of the match was Rhodes. Mainly because of his legendary speech to the crowd off-air after the match was completed. Initially, WWE Cody Rhodes entered the ring with the graphic injury on full display and it only got worst as the match progressed. Bleacher Report tweeted an image after the match transpired.

    The updates on Rhodes’s injury still have yet to come to the light; however, it’s safe to assume the drama between Rollins and Rhodes has concluded. This rivalry began all the way back on April 2, WrestleMania 38. Rhodes made a very long-anticipated  WWE return and beat Rollins in an exhibition match. Rhodes was more skilled, fought with more grit and intelligence, and defeated Rollins. They met again at WrestleMania Backlash; however, Rollins’s efforts weren’t enough and he lost yet again to Rhodes.

    His narrative has changed throughout the WWE. Initially, he was a villain and a teammate of Randy Orton. Later, he made his WWE return after a long hiatus. It seems the WWE is attempting to push Rhodes as someone who can possibly grasp and capture a title spot later down the line. Many believe it’s possible but only truly time will reveal what unfolds for Cody Rhode’s future in the WWE.

    Rhodes’ Speech after the Match

    The talk of the match came from the heartfelt speech Rhodes left the fans with after the match was concluded. He spoke about battling an injury and persevering to deliver the best product for the fans. Rhodes encouraged several of his fans to never give up on their dreams and took a moment to reflect on his career. After the match, many fans took a liking to his speech and have been showing support in ways Rhodes hasn’t been accustomed to throughout his career.

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