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    Woman Shares Video of Tourist feeding bull elk: ‘Don’t Be Like This Guy’

    Tourist Feeding Bull Elk: A Hair-Raising TikTok Tale from Estes Park, Colorado


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    In an eye-popping TikTok video that’s been making waves online, a daring Tourist feeding bull elk outside a laundromat in scenic Estes Park, Colorado, has taken the internet by storm. But this isn’t your typical wildlife encounter; it’s more of a “tour” spectacle, where a tourist meets a moron in a viral showdown.

    Touron” Tango with Bull Elk

    A tourist armed with snacks and an adventurous spirit approaches a massive bull elk. The bull, not one to take kindly to uninvited guests, shows some serious attitude. Thankfully, our brave (or perhaps foolish) tourist decided to heed the warnings of fellow TikTokers and high-tailed it out of there, avoiding an elk-induced catastrophe.

    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Rings the Alarm Bell

    The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, no stranger to elk shenanigans, chimed in with a dose of reality. They reminded us all that bull elks are no pushovers. These majestic creatures, known for their colossal antlers and burly builds, don’t take kindly to humans encroaching on their turf. In short, don’t mess with the bull, or you might get the horns!

    John Griff’s Conservation Wisdom

    John Griff, our trusted conservationist buddy from California State Parks, shared some wisdom, too. He cautioned against feeding wild animals, as it can make them a bit too cozy with humans. Imagine a bear picnic at your campsite—definitely not what you signed up for! So, folks, remember, these wild critters have their own rules, and it’s in our best interest to play by them.

    Respecting the Wild

    This viral escapade is a vivid reminder of why we should treat wild animals like celebrities on a red carpet—admire them from afar, snap a pic (with a zoom lens), and leave no trace. Feeding wild animals, especially in tourist hotspots, can lead to some unwanted consequences. Think of it as a “bad behavior buffet” for our furry and feathered friends.

    A Call for Wildlife 101

    In light of this epic TikTok tale, there’s a rallying cry for more wildlife education and awareness. If you’re planning a wild getaway, it’s time to brush up on your wildlife etiquette. National parks and conservation groups can step up their game by plastering helpful tips on signs, brochures, and educational programs. It’s like a crash course in “How Not to Upset the Animal Kingdom.”

    In a Nutshell

    That TikTok video of a tourist facing off with a bull elk in Estes Park, Colorado, isn’t just a hilarious online moment—it’s a wake-up call. The message is clear: respect wildlife’s space, and they’ll respect yours. Ignore the rules, and you might find yourself in a wild showdown.

    Let’s keep the wild, well, wild, by practicing responsible wildlife observation and making sure our adventures are memorable for the right reasons. Remember, we’re guests in their home, so let’s act like it!

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