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    Wiz Khalifa Tells Kevin Durant “No Hard Feelings” On IG Live

    Hanging with our friends can lead to some wild nights out on the town. Lil Nas X shared details about his wild night out with Lizzo after the Grammys back in 2019. Though, rapper Wiz Khalifa’s night out with his buddy NBA star Kevin Durant didn’t go so well. Now the “Black and Yellow” rapper tells all about his horrible night out during an Instagram Live. Rather than feud with Durant, Wiz Khalifa decided to take the high-road. The rapper claims he has no hard feelings about their night out at the club.

                Kevin Durant Leaves Wiz Khalifa Hanging

    hard feelings
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    Friendships in Hollywood come a dime a dozen. Rappers and huge basketball stars usually know to make their friendships long-lasting. However, Wiz Khalifa and Kevin Durant’s budding friendship might not go the distance. The “Roll Up” rapper recently took to social media to call out Durant for leaving him hanging outside a night club once.

    On Thursday night, the rapper called out his buddy Kevin Durant on an Instagram Live session for ditching him at the club after asking him to hangout. Clearly it looked as though Wiz Khalifa had some hard feelings about that horrible night. “Kevin Durant, you remember when you left me outside the club? Yeah, man, he left me outside the club. We was bout to get in the club and they looked at him and they looked at everybody he was with and they was like, ‘Y’all can get in but he can’t,’ and he was like, ‘Bruh, I’m going to see you later, yo,” the rapstar said during his Instagram Live session. That’s just shady behavior on Kevin Durant’s part. It’s no wonder Khalifa isn’t hold hard feelings.

                                   No Hard Feelings

    hard feelings
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    No one would blame Wiz Khalifa for holding a grudge against Kevin Durant. Afterall, the guy did live him hanging outside the club. Rather than dissing the basketball star on Instagram Live, he dismissed the incident. “But what I did, though, I went, I got back right and I came back in the club and I met him in there, you know what I’m saying. Cause I’m not no slouch, you feel me? No love lost,” the star said. Khalifa clearly holds no hard feelings.

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