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    Wiz Khalifa Hails Black Thought As A “GOAT”

    Musicians dream of the moment when they make it into the elite status. Only certain artists can hold the “GOAT” title. Rapper Wiz Khalifa certainly made it known who he thinks deserves the “GOAT” title. The 33-year-old emcee has a long list of artists he admires and respects, such as Jay-Z, Cam’ron and Notorious B.I.G. Though, Khalifa gave The Root’s Black Thought the “GOAT” title. Unlike the new rappers of today, Wiz Khalifa shows proper respect to the rap legends.

                Wiz Khalifa Calls Black Thought A “GOAT”

    via Rap Basement

    Some people just know what good music sounds like. Wiz Khalifa certainly knows the sound of good music when he hears it. Furthermore, the 33-year-old admires the artists behind some of the greatest tracks ever played. On Wednesday, Khalifa took to Twitter to show his respect to The Root’s Black Thought. The 33-year-old hailed the legendary emcee as a “GOAT.” “Black Though is one the best rappers to ever live.” We can concur, given Black Thought’s unbeatable lyrical skills and his precision over the mic. Additionally, the rapper has been released several mega hits with his The Roots band since their 1993 Organix album drop. Wiz Khalifa definitely called it when he deemed Black Thought a “GOAT.”

                       Who Black Thought Admires Most

    via HipHopDX

    Wiz Khalifa greatly admires The Roots Black Thought. He even considered him one of the greatest artists that ever lived. Though, even the Roots frontman has his own idols. During an interview with HipHopDX last fall, Black Thought revealed that Public Enemy had been his “GOAT.” “Public Enemy has greatly influenced The Roots since the very beginning,” Black Thought expressed to HipHopDX. Apparently, even legends can choose their “GOAT”, too.



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