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    Will Smith: How Jokes About Jada Wrecks His Mental Health

    The topic of Will Smith and Jada is always is a sensitive subject and it seems as if it will always be. Will and Jada are in the headlines at least once or twice a year. After this year’s Oscar’s show, they will now regularly make headlines.

    Will Smith’s Big Night

    After over 20 decades of being film and television’s favorite underdog, Will Smith wins his first Academy Award on last night. He also made history for being the first actor to be violent at an Oscar show. The former Oscar show host, Chris Rock graced the stage to crack a few jokes and present nominees. Unfortunately, making Will Smith’s wife, Jada, the butt of a joke took the 94th Academy Awards down a wrong turn. Rock poked fun a Pinkett-Smith’s bald look, referring to her as GI Jane according to Variety. Whereas the audience responded to the joke with laughter, Jada took offense to the joke. A camera angle projected a clip of Jada reacting to the joke with a sigh, smirk and an eye roll. Will seemed to laugh at first, then the narrative changed quickly. After realizing his wife’s dismay, Will walked on stage and audibly slapped Chris Rock. This is definitely a shock as the world watched the ghastly moment.

    Will Smith vs. Mental Health vs. Jada Pinkett Humor

    The stigma surrounding mental health is devastating as so many suffer with issues silently. However, for celebrities, their suffering is under an eagle’s eye. Will Smith is usually the laughing stock behind Jada’s careless actions. How does this really affect Will’s mental health? Dealing with embarrassment from Jada’s actions plus public humiliation has obviously taken a toll on the King Richard Oscar winner. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a day after the altercation, Will Smith spoke out.

    Violence, in any form, is harmful and destructive.

    The actor pleads that his actions were inexcusable as fellow actors weigh in on their disgrace with Will’s behavior. The tragedy of the matter is that Smith is subject to more mental turmoil from his own actions. Mental health is misunderstood—jokes are triggering to a person who is already on edge. All in all, this does not constitute violence. This brings a microscope to the dynamic of mental health and how Black men are leading victims.

    The heartfelt open letter to fans and the Academy during the speech echoed in a still room as the actor shared the bittersweet moment. Tragically, the show’s momentum would change after the event, making it a difficult moment for everyone in the room.

    From Chris Rock Point of View

    Chris Rock is a legendary comedian who frequently appears at awards shows. He is known for his hilarious puns and mild teasing. This is a sorrowful moment for the comedian as he fought to regain his composure after Will’s slap. Rock complied with Will after he yells, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**** mouth!” following the slap. Since then resources report that Rock won’t be pressing charges against Smith and all differences have been resolved.

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