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    Will Smith Drops Lo-Fi Beats Playlist for Coronavirus Quarantine

    Will Smith Drops “chill beats to quarantine to”

    Lo-Fi beats are great to throw on when attempting to get some work done, studying, or just kicking back and relaxing. Will Smith is known for being a funny and talented guy. Apparently creating Lo-Fi beats playlists is one of those such talents.

    A couple of weeks ago Will Smith posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “chill beats to quarantine to”. The video features an hour and a half of ambient beats with no lyrics. There is a rainy day type of vibe created. Just as the title implies this is the type of playlist that will be great for throwing on during this coronavirus quarantine.

    Will Smith Drops Lo-Fi Beats Playlist for Coronavirus-1
    Will Smith’s video versus original stream

    The video that Will Smith posted copies the style of the famous “lofi hip hop radio-beats to relax/study to” 24/7 live stream from YouTube, with a little customization of course. The original stream features a girl with headphones, writing notes on repeat, and a cat in the window sill. Smith’s video is quite similar but includes things such as the Philadelphia skyline shown in the window, as well as Will Smith rocking a Bel-Air hoodie and 76ers jacket.

    Final Thoughts

    I can’t say I expected this move by Will Smith, but I definitely don’t mind that he made this playlist. I’m not sure how many other people have thrown on a Lo-Fi mix when studying or just hanging out, but it’s great for creating a relaxed or chilled out setting.

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you into Lo-Fi beats and music? If so did you like Will Smith’s playlist? And what other music have you been throwing on during the coronavirus quarantine?

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