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    Will Microsoft Buy Tik Tok?

    How the U.S. feels about Microsoft pursuing TikTok - Marketplace
    In the last few days, Trump has been talking about banning Tik Tok. People have been very upset about the possible ban, and many big corporations have been talking about purchasing Tik Tok to stop Trump from banning the app.

    Why will Microsoft the most likely to purchase TikTok? 

    Many companies have been considering purchasing Tik Tok, some of the companies include Google, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. However, after some people looked into the companies, the most reliable company to purchase Tik Tok is Microsoft.

    Apple has already declined on purchasing the app because they don’t tend to pursue highly competitive acquisitions.

    Also, the company that buys Tik Tok needs to be able to pass antitrust hurdles, and that would not work with Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook because they were just at a House Judiciary antitrust hearing.

    What is Trump saying about the situation?

    President Trump gave his verbal approval to a potential deal between TikTok and an American company like Microsoft on Monday, but said TikTok had until Sept. 15 to close such a deal or face a U.S. ban.

    Trump has been verbal about a potential deal with Tik Tok and another American company to not get banned. Trump has also been very clear that Tik Tok has until September 15th to make the deal to not face a possible ban.

    Trump also said the following about the situation:
    “Here’s the deal. I don’t mind if — whether it’s Microsoft or somebody else — a big company, a secure company, a very American company buys it, It’s probably easier to buy the whole thing than to buy 30 percent of it. … Who’s going to get the name, the name is hot?”

    What do you think, will Tik Tok get banned or will Microsoft make a deal with Tik Tok?
    Let us know in the comment section.

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