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    Why was Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant compared to Steve Jobs?

    Kobe Bryant, the legendary figure, always had a way of transcending everything he pursued. This includes making his mark in the “Sneakerverse,” where numerous sneaker enthusiasts appreciate his brand and unique style.

    According to Boardroom, many may know that Bryant was directly involved in creating Hyperdunks. Hyperdunks were everyday basketball sneakers from 2010-2018.

    Innovation continues to evolve, whether the sneakers are cement or hardwood. However, the sneaker made on April 7th, 2008, overlapped the two.

    Bryant presented the Hyperdunk, the futuristic shoe for Bryant to wear during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

    Although having three shoes as his signature line with Nike, he was still pushed as the face of the sneaker. At this point, Bryant was the face of the NBA and was just promoted to Team USA’s captain.

    Ultimately making him the most marketable player and an easy target to promote Nike’s products.

    “It’s all about performance for me,” Kobe said honestly and prophetically at that Summit. “Every split second counts.”

    Did Kobe Bryant Fake the Stunts to Help Sell the Sneakers?

    This debate has occurred in almost every barber shop or lunch table nationwide. However, according to reports, Bryant did his stunts and managed not to get hurt in the process. The moral of the story, Bryant came out with a new signature shoe, the Nike Hyperdunk.

    He was always more than just an athlete, he was also a visionary, and some considered him an artist. The sneakers changed the culture forever due to their versatility.

    Many decided to play in these sneakers because of how comfortable they were. However, many decided to wear these with regular outfits and everyday wear. 

    This inspired many other shoes today to have versatility and comfortability while playing and walking. The shoes Kobe Bean Bryant took part in became one of the most important inventions for sneakers in the last 10 to 15 years.

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