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    Why The Wave Runner 700’s Should’ve Debuted at Wal-Mart

    Cool Fact: The Yeezy Boost was coined by GQ as the “Most Influential Sneaker of 2016.

    All it took was Kanye to be spotted in some “Oh, yo!!! What are those?!” Now the entire sneaker world is buzzing like crazy. It’s no surprise as to why the hype is brewing… C’mon – The Yeezy Boost smashed the charts for the last two years. And with the unexpected release of the “Wave Runner 700’s” – it may not be a three-peat for Ye.

    From a first glance of the pics above, you’d think Kanye was about to go for a run. On the contrary, you may think “Did he get those from Wal-Mart?” If you thought both – you are not alone my friend, because we did too.

    These kicks look good – we can’t deny that at all. However, the price tag of $300 USD begs Kanye to drop a zero off that figure. And it gets worse because E Bay retailers are hiking the bids up over $1K USD.

    The Yeezy Waverunner 700.

    Many mixed reviews have hit the net since their release in August:

    Wave Runner-4
    Wave Runner-5

    And more mixed hype hit Youtube:

    Which leads us to this conclusion: Kanye should’ve dropped these at Wal-Mart! He would’ve KILLED in sales, carried the torch for another year (making it three being on top) and give everyone an opportunity at that million-dollar taste level they can afford.

    The Wave Runner 700’s could’ve been the best selling sneaker of all time – if that was done.  

    But no – nope, let’s charge up the people because of the “looks”. And of course, Kanye’s name.

    Cut our wallets a break, would ya?

    Would we cop a pair? Absolutely. Only if they were selling at Wal-Mart for $69.99. And that’s just being fair to the Men, Women & Children of America.

    What do you think? Do these kicks add more value to the Yeezy lineup?

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