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    Why Is The PGA Tour Tightening The Reigns On Popular Players?

    According to the New York Post, the PGA Tour is punishing many well-established golfers or competing in LIV Golf Invitational Series. The LIV tournament receives backing from Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, forcing the PGA to take disciplinary action against the PGA players who are set to perform in London. Many believe the disciplinary actions will include suspension and fines; however, it will vary depending on the individual situation. Other sports’ governing bodies (Augusta National, R&A) have yet to follow suit it appears in disciplining these golfers.

    Many believe some of these other organizations will eventually follow suit to reassure and prevent players from ditching any tours out of spite. Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed are among the latest players to jump ship. This scandal has caused concerns among players about competing in the PGA Tour in the near future. This entire scandal has caused many famous players to jump ship. Adam Scott and Harold Varner III, are considering a jump to the Saudi league, reported Brian Wacker.

    What Can This Mean for the Future of Golf?

    Famous golfer Phil Mickelson is neither confirming nor denying whether or not a suspension is set in place. He has spoken to him about not resigning from his tour membership. There have been several people while not happy with the situation have publicly admitted to not wanting to resign their tour membership. This means for people who have resigned their membership the PGA Tour cannot punish those. However, the individuals who have not resigned leave them liable for punishment going forward.

    In conclusion, regardless of what happens, the power struggle between both governing bodies will not conclude anytime soon. Going forward, many presume that there could be tons of dollars at stake. Not to mention, the potential legal action and fees that both parties may have to spend to implement their punishments. Naturally, any punishment will upset the talent. They may eventually push back against lawyers and legal teams. All in all, this is far from over, however, it will be interesting to see how things transpire between the governing bodies and the talent.

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