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    Why Doja Cat’s Shaved Eyebrows, Hair Is So Hip Hop

    Doja Cat Eyebrows Drives Fans Crazy

    Hip-hop has never been about conformity. It’s always embraced rebellion and defying societal norms. That’s why I find it confusing when people make a fuss about Doja Cat and her shaved head and eyebrows.

    Why should shaving your eyebrows automatically imply a mental breakdown? It doesn’t make sense to me. It seems like women face harsher judgment whenever they make a cosmetic change that deviates from the norm. It’s unfair that men don’t face the same scrutiny.

    Hypocrisy at it’s Finest

    Whenever a male celebrity decides to trim their long hair, we praise them for their fresh look. Remember when The Weeknd cut off his iconic free-form locs? He received overwhelming admiration for his new style. However, Doja Cat’s experience shows that it’s not the same for women.


    Despite Doja Cat’s clear reassurance that she was perfectly okay, the Internet remained unconvinced. During an Instagram Live session, she explained that she shaved her eyebrows to distinguish her true fans from the fake ones. It started to make sense once she elaborated on her reasons. She desires to be valued for her music rather than her looks. Removing a prominent feature that attracts male attention seems like an effective way to identify loyal supporters.

    People often assume that only cancer patients or older individuals experience hair loss. However, for some people, going bald is a deliberate choice. The artist known for “Need To Know” has always been someone who embraces self-expression. This is not groundbreaking news in the world of hip-hop. In fact, it aligns with the essence of hip-hop, which provides a platform for individuals to express their true selves. The hip-hop culture has always embraced things and people that have endured hardships. So, let’s not pretend that hip-hop has suddenly become righteous because that couldn’t be further from the truth.


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