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    what does 4pf mean?

    What Does 4PF Mean? The Story Behind Lil Baby and 42 Dugg’s Jewelry

    If you are a fan of hip-hop music, you may have noticed a shiny accessory that many rappers wear around their necks. It is a pendant that spells out “4PF” in silver letters, and it has become a symbol of success, wealth, and loyalty in the rap industry. Discover the story behind 4PF and why it’s gained widespread popularity. This article delves into the origins, meaning, and rise to fame of the 4PF pendant, featuring a notable wearer, the up-and-coming artist 42 Dugg.

    The Origin of the 4PF Pendant

    The 4PF pendant was created by rapper Lil Baby, who is one of the most successful and influential artists in the hip-hop scene today. Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He started rapping in 2016, after being released from prison, where he spent two years for drug charges. He quickly rose to fame with his mixtapes and singles, such as “My Dawg”, “Freestyle”, and “Yes Indeed”, featuring Drake.

    Lil Baby runs his own record label called 4 Pockets Full, abbreviated as 4PF, where he serves as the founder and CEO. The label is home to several other artists, such as Rylo Rodriguez, 42 Dugg, and Dirty Tay. Lil Baby came up with the name 4PF as a way to describe his hustle and ambition. He explained in an interview with XXL Magazine:

    “Four pockets full, that’s just a way of life. That’s how I live. That’s how I want all my people to live. That’s how I want everybody to live. That’s how I want everybody to think. That’s how I want everybody to move. That’s how I want everybody to get money. That’s how I want everybody to save money. That’s how I want everybody to invest money. That’s how I want everybody to do everything. Four pockets full.”

    Lil Baby also designed the 4PF pendant as a way to represent his label and his lifestyle. He first showed off the pendant on his Twitter account in 2018, where he claimed that he had received multiple orders for it from Walmart. However, the pendant that Walmart was selling was not the real deal. It was a cheap imitation that did not have a diamond on it, unlike Lil Baby’s original version.

    The real 4PF pendant was actually sold on a different website, called Walmart Marketplace. This is a platform where hundreds of third-party sellers can list their products, similar to Amazon and eBay. Walmart does not verify or endorse these products, but it sells them alongside its own items, giving the impression that they are official. The 4PF pendant was one of the many items that were sold on Walmart Marketplace, and it attracted a lot of attention from hip-hop fans and collectors.

    The Popularity and Symbolism of the 4PF Pendant

    The 4PF pendant soon became a hot item on eBay, where it was sold for prices ranging from $20 to $200. Many people wanted to get their hands on the pendant, either as a fashion statement or as a sign of support for Lil Baby and his label. The pendant was also seen as a symbol of wealth and success in the rap industry, as Lil Baby often flaunted his expensive jewelry and cars on social media and in his music videos.

    The pendant also had a deeper meaning for Lil Baby and his associates. The acronym 4PF stands for Four Pockets Full, which refers to the four pockets of a pair of pants: two in the front and two in the back. Lil Baby explained that this meant having money in all four pockets, or being financially secure and independent. He also said that it represented having four sources of income, or being diversified and smart with money. He told XXL Magazine:

    “Four pockets full, that’s just a mindset. That’s just a way of thinking. That’s just a way of moving. That’s just a way of getting money. That’s just a way of saving money. That’s just a way of investing money. That’s just a way of doing everything. Four pockets full.”

    The 4PF pendant also symbolized loyalty and brotherhood for Lil Baby and his label. He said that he considered his artists and friends as his family, and that he wanted to help them achieve their dreams and goals. He also said that he was loyal to his fans, and that he wanted to give them quality music and entertainment. He told XXL Magazine:

    “Four pockets full, that’s just a family. That’s just a bond. That’s just a loyalty. That’s just a love. That’s just a respect. That’s just a everything. Four pockets full.”

    Meet 42 Dugg, the Rising Star of 4PF

    One of the artists who is signed to Lil Baby’s 4PF label is 42 Dugg, who is also a rising star in the hip-hop scene. 42 Dugg, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, goes by the real name Dion Marquise Hayes. He started rapping in 2017, after spending a year in solitary confinement for a gun charge. He released his debut EP, “Free Dem Boyz”, in 2018, which featured collaborations with other Detroit rappers, such as Peezy, EWM Kdoe, Cashkidd, and EWM Buck. He also worked with Babyface Ray, who is one of the most popular and respected rappers in Detroit.

    42 Dugg caught the attention of Lil Baby, who was impressed by his raw and authentic style. Lil Baby decided to sign him to his 4PF label, as well as to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG) label, in a joint venture. 42 Dugg then moved to Atlanta, where he recorded more songs with Lil Baby and other artists, such as Future, Meek Mill, and Lil Durk. He released his second EP, “Young and Turnt”, in 2019, which featured the hit single “We Paid”, with Lil Baby. The song hit the tenth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and emerged as one of the most streamed tracks of the year.

    42 Dugg also became known for his distinctive jewelry collection, which he often showed off on social media and in his music videos. He wore a variety of pieces, such as a Scooby-Doo pendant, a giant Cuban chain, and a presidential watch. He said that these pieces had sentimental value for him, as they represented his stage name, his local Crips gang, and his self-made success. He told GQ Magazine:

    “The Scooby-Doo pendant, that’s my name. That’s what they call me in the hood. That’s what they call me in the streets. That’s what they call me everywhere. That’s me. The Cuban chain, that’s just a big boy chain. That’s just a statement. That’s just a flex. That’s just a everything. The presidential watch, that’s just a classic. That’s just a timeless piece. That’s just a boss piece. That’s just a everything.”

    42 Dugg also said that he used jewelry to express his identity and to commemorate significant milestones in his life and career. He said that he bought his first chain when he got out of prison, and that he bought more chains as he made more money and achieved more success. He also said that he planned to buy more jewelry in the future, as he had more goals and dreams to fulfill. He told GQ Magazine:

    “I use jewelry to show who I am and what I’ve been through. I use jewelry to celebrate my achievements and to motivate myself to do more. I use jewelry to show my fans and my haters that I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I use jewelry to do everything.”

    The Impact and Controversy of 4PF Jewelry

    42 Dugg’s jewelry choices, along with Lil Baby’s and other 4PF artists’, had a significant impact on their image and success in the rap industry. They used jewelry to stand out from the crowd, to attract attention, and to create a buzz. They also used jewelry to convey a message, to tell a story, and to inspire others. They used jewelry to show their creativity, their personality, and their style.

    However, their jewelry choices also sparked some controversy and criticism, especially from those who questioned the authenticity and the morality of their jewelry. Some people accused Lil Baby and 42 Dugg of wearing fake or low-quality jewelry, and of lying about the value and the origin of their jewelry. Some people also criticized them for spending too much money on jewelry, and for promoting a materialistic and irresponsible lifestyle.

    One of the most notable controversies surrounding Lil Baby’s 4PF jewelry was the lawsuit that he faced from a jewelry company called Rafaello and Co. The company claimed that Lil Baby had ordered a custom 4PF pendant from them, but had never paid for it. The company also claimed that Lil Baby had stolen their design and had made a replica of the pendant with another jeweler. The company sued Lil Baby for $200,000, plus interest and damages.

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