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    West Coast Rapper Suigeneris Goes Off On “Song”

    The rap scene always has new emcees coming through the pipelines. Considered one of the most promising young emcees of today, West Coast rapper Suigeneris has a serious spit game. Suigeneris has single-handedly ushered in a new era of Soundcloud rap, releasing catchy singles, impressive mixtapes and even a few good albums.

    He’s gained success and fame from rapping songs of the very mature variety, such as drugs, women and wealth. It’s hard to believe that Suigeneris stepped onto the rap scene back in 2017, at only 14-years-old.

    Since that time, he’s accomplished a lot. He’s worked with huge artists like NLE Choppa and received major co-signs from Lil Skies and Landon Cube. These moves alone helped the now 18-years-old rapper skyrocket to unlimited heights of fame. Furthermore, the teenager has thousands of followers on his social media handles and millions of views on YouTube. The young man has skill.

    Now Suigeneris returned this month with a new track “Song” that shows off his OG rap skills. The burgeoning rapper goes off on the new song.

    Suigeneris Goes Off

    At just 18-years-old, Suigeneris has a longer discography than even some of the biggest rap stars in the game. It also doesn’t hurt that his rap skills and bop-worthy songs make him one of the best young emcees around. After all, he did grow up listening to greats like Tupac. He’s also a fan of the Migos, Future and Young Thug. He’s built for greatness.

    With his new track “Song” that dropped May 13, Sugeneris showed us that he hasn’t lost a beat. In fact, he puts other rappers to shame by rapping verses at 5-6 words a second. Moreover, his skill set matches that of Busta Rhymes and Eminen’s “Godzilla” track. Suigeneris only takes a breath to pronounce the hook “hook”, before resuming the aggressive and intense nature of his spit game. The bass-heavy beat only adds to Suigeneris’s erratic energy, giving the song more of a punch.

    For the most part, Suigeneris basically flexes throughout the song, slamming down every rapper in sight. Clearly, the teenager has loads of confidence and he’s not afraid to show it in “Song.” He goes off.

    Suigeneris Has Big Plans For The Future

    via YouTube

    It’s plain to see that Suigeneris has all the makings of the next biggest rap star to hit Hollywood. While he’s focused on his music, the young rapper also has his eye on a few other projects. Moreover, he’s released a successful clothing line he calls “Demons N’ Angels.”

    Clearly, West Coast rapper Suigeneris has big plans for the future.


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