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    Wendy Williams Spills Tea On Jay-Z’s Relationship With Foxy Brown

    When it comes to spilling the tea, tv host Wendy Williams takes the crown. The daytime tv host had loads of celebrity news to unload on audiences this week. Though, probably the most shocking rumor Williams disclosed came during her discussion of Foxy Brown’s new memoir. Furthermore, Williams told audiences that she believed Jay-Z dated the female rapper before tying the knot with his beloved Beyonce. We can only imagine what Hov had to say about the rumor.

                        Wendy Williams Spilling The Tea

    spilling the tea
    via Fox News

    Hollywood loves a juicy romance story. Though, the media especially loves learning about secret relationships. Wendy Williams certainly dished one of Hollywood’s biggest kept secret relationships in HipHop history.

    While discussing Foxy Brown’s upcoming memoir, the tv host let slip that the rap icon dated none other than Jay-Z. “Jay-Z and Foxy Brown shared a romantic thing. Alright, I’ll say alleged but we all know, we know. Yeah, she hit it before Beyonce! Allegedly,” Williams said during her June 16 segment. Talk about spilling the tea. It seems like Foxy Brown might have some explaining to do. Not to mention, Beyonce might not be too thrilled to learn about her man’s secret relationship either.

                The Tv Host Throws Major Shade At Foxy Brown’s Memoir

    spilling the tea
    via Revolt Tv

    Wendy Williams didn’t just stop at spilling the tea about Hov’s supposed secret love affair with Foxy Brown. She even dared to throw shade at the rap icon’s upcoming memoir. She plainly stated, “This isn’t a book I’d read.” Guess it wouldn’t be Wendy Williams in true fashion without a little shade-throwing.

    Additionally, Williams proceeded to make cruel jokes pertaining to Brown’s hearing loss from 2005. While noting that she’d listen to her book on tape, she made the harsh jab, “Unfortunately, Foxy can’t do her book on tape.” If there’s one thing fans know about Wendy Williams, is that she loves spilling the tea.

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