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    Weed vs Coffee: Which One is Better?

    Sometimes, it’s hard to do the simplest of actions, like staying awake or relaxing. Some people just power through it and do their best to function. Other people use substances to help themselves make through the day. Likely, the most popular thing people use to keep themselves going through the day is coffee. Coffee has been the drink of choice for working-class people for decades. Though, with the slow decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, weed is starting to become just as popular as coffee. There aren’t as many people walking down the street with a joint as a cup of coffee. However, marijuana usage is much less taboo now and people are able to smoke more freely. So, which one is better for helping you throughout your day?

    According to an article by health-line, coffee acts as to stimulate to your brain, given that it is a caffeinated drink. The surge of caffeine from a cup of coffee can stimulate your nervous system. As a result of this, it can make you more alert and awake. This is why coffee is such a popular choice for people who work early in the morning.

    However, the burst of energy that coffee can give also has some negative effect as well. One of them is the crash. The stimulation that coffee gives your nervous system will not last the entire day. It may only last a few hours. Once, it is gone, you’ll be just as exhausted as you were in the morning, maybe even more. The jolt that coffee gives you can also cause headaches and irrationality. So, while you may be less drowsy, it may harder for you to concentrate throughout the day.

    Weed has its ups and downs too. According to a study by the business insider, weed can relax your body. Like coffee, we interact with your central nervous system. The difference is that weed relaxes the receptors in the nervous systems, which sends messages to the brain that calm the body down. The results are a soothing sensation throughout the body and pain relief. Weed, however, does have some negative effects. By stimulating the nervous system and relaxing the body, it can make you sleepy and tired. This might be a benefit if you have sleeping issues. However, at work in the middle of the day, it will likely be a problem.

           So, which one is better for making it through the day? Well, it depends on what you need. Coffee is better at keeping you awake. Weed is better at relaxing you. Both substances can help you through your day if you know how to use them right.   

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