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    We The Commas Release 2nd EP ‘Old School Love’ with “Better Days”

    In 2020, Los Angeles group, We The Commas, had breakthrough success in the music business with the release of their standout EP, SARB. Now, with a grassroots foundation planted, the trio of Cam, Jordy and Lenny Comma return to the forefront to show the world their last effort was not a fluke with the release of the follow-up EP, titled Old School Love.

    Smooth. Electric. Refreshing. Old School Love is a six-song collection that delivers that classic R&B love sound that gave us the best of the 80s and 90s. The trio’s chemistry is magnetic on standout cuts like “Dopamine,” “Good Things Don’t Last” and, of course, their new single, “Better Days.” While their debut EP showed the trio experimenting with different sounds and grooves to find their identity, on Old School Love, they’ve found their sound and ready to pave the way for their own legacy among the stars. Now is the ideal time for new fans to join We The Commas’ journey to success.

    “Better Days” is quickly becoming a runaway hit, the single is in current rotation on L.A. radio and accumulating large numbers on Spotify. Old School Love is available everywhere via Flying Boy Entertainment, Little Green Cactus, Cashmere Originals. For more on We The Commas, follow the new group on social media.

    Watch their latest visual “Sherry” above and stream the new project with “Better Days” below.

    Better Days


    We the Commas made their official independent debut with the SARB EP on October 30th. If you’re in the mood for a feel-good beach vibe, check out tracks like “Sherry” or “Custom Made.” Need a boost when things aren’t going your way? Escape with the Mad Max-inspired video for “Pissed Off.” For R&B lovers, don’t miss the captivating vocal runs in “Too Long” and “All The Best.” We the Commas offers something for every mood and listener. The EP also includes the ’90s TV sitcom-inspired video for “I Will,” sure to bring a smile during challenging times.

    Brothers Cam, Jordy, and Lenny Comma coined the term SARB (Surf Alternative R&B) to describe their distinctive sound. Their music, inspired by the coastal lifestyle in San Diego, has earned praise from notable figures like Young the Giant, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Pink Sweat$. Lenny Comma explains, “We struggled to fit our music into a single genre because it didn’t quite align with any existing category. We realized our music is its own unique thing.”

    The lyrics penned by Lenny, Jordy, and Cam hold deep meaning as they aim to represent the values they hold as brothers. They understand that their music is a reflection of who they are and an opportunity to showcase the men they were raised to be. We the Commas express, “Our parents have instilled strong morals in us. We hope to spread our message through how we treat people and live our lives.” Their song “Custom Made,” which explores finding a love tailored to you, builds on the foundation established by their debut release, “Sherry.” Lenny emphasizes the importance of treating others with respect in all relationships. He says, “Only by doing so can we experience the fairytale depicted in these songs.”

    We the Commas quickly made a mark in the Southern California music scene, performing on San Diego’s KUSI Morning Show, participating in charity events, and hosting regular gigs. Their talent and drive caught the attention of inspirations like The Head and The Heart and Young the Giant, as well as renowned producers Rex Kudo and Charlie Handsome. Their journey began with singing Motown classics in their living room and playing music games as kids. With real instruments and a strong bond as brothers, We the Commas formed. They are excited to share their vulnerable and relatable story with listeners, hoping to connect through their experiences.

    Aside from their music, We the Commas prioritize their values. They understand that, from an external perspective, they may not fit the stereotypical image of “beach boy surfers.” Their personal mission is to challenge racial and social constructs, and they remain committed to being true to themselves. Lenny adds, “[Being Black] influences our music because it reflects our experiences. In our community, there aren’t many who look like us, so we’ve learned to be authentically ourselves. We aim to do something unique and break barriers. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to pursue what they love without fear or societal norms holding them back.”

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