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    Juice WRLD Drops A Contradictory Music Video For “Lean Wit Me”

    I think Juice WRLD is really talented, I do. Since bursting onto the rap scene, he has made some really dope tracks.

    My personal favorites include “Black & White,” “Legends,” “Scared of Love,” “Lean Wit Me,” and others. He has a voice that is both high-pitched, and low-pitched at times, and raps about deep things. But look, let’s get this straight.

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    “Lean Wit Me” is a song about doing hard drugs: there’s obviously no way around this. It’s about drinking lean, popping pills, getting high, and drinking. Have you heard the chorus?

    Now that we have acknowledged this, not that it even really needs to be (because it’s so damn blatant), let’s reference his music video. The video, above, features Juice WRLD in a rehab, al-anon-like setting. It begins with someone asking him to speak about his situation and then the song begins. Then, it shows him praying with the other adults, getting arrested, and walking away in the distance. Here’s the problem. If Juice WRLD intends to give us the idea that he is recovering from use, or something, his song is completely in opposition to this idea. The music video does not really fit with his lyrics. In one scene, he is sitting with the other addicts and the part of the song comes out where he says

    I know I’m gonna find it, ring, ring, plug hit my phone perfect timing.

    Does this sound like the right context for sitting in an addiction circle? The visual content and the song itself do not coincide. Juice WRLD says one thing, many times, and then depicts himself as if he is trying to get better. The ending of the video is the absolute most irritating part of this whole thing. The video shows a visual that says some note about sobering up and a call 1800, etc, phone number. And that’s all cool. He should be advertising a sober message — but his lyrics are completely adverse to his intended message.

    Critique of message and idea aside, this song is really good. Sure, the message is weak. But Juice WRLD is an emerging rapper that displays a lot of talent, it is just important to analyze all aspects of him.

    What do you guys think?

    Featured Image Photo Credit: Rapdose

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