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    Von Archer Talks “Soul of a God” & The Importance of Personal Evolution

    Von Archer is putting his best foot forward in music to make a change. The release of his 5th single “Soul of A God,” is another one of those records that spark an evolutionary spirit within his listeners. On the track, Von is the catalyst of unification within the hip-hop culture. Everything about the production, from the trumpets blowing and soulful harmonies to the powerful, thought-provoking lyrics signify an outright call to action – it’s always the time to unify and spread love within the Black culture. And change as we know all begins when we look at the man in the mirror.

    Speaking of the man in the mirror, Archer has been the man in the spotlight – beaming that sunshine all the way from South Florida to Hollywood California. It’s officially BET week and Archer is ready to join his peers in celebration of Black music month and Black entertainment. His journey to success was a path of resilience, hard work, and creativity. The Rapper released two songs with Hip Hop artist Doxamillion titled “Cassius” and “Elevate” before teaming up with Gaby G. and Johnny Show in “Viva A Sua Vida.” But it was the release of his single “Tyrone Evolved” earlier this year that turned heads throughout the industry.

    Known for his electrifying, out-of-the-box live performances – Archer has always been aware of his role and responsibility as an artist to inspire change. The rapper recently took to social media asking that everyone attending his live performance at the Norton Museum of Art in celebration of Juneteenth wear black. “I need everyone to wear Black … Signifying EXCELLENTLY BLACK!,” he wrote before thanking all of his fans for their support and promising an epic evening of music and empowerment.

    The rising star is also known by his moniker Xlently Blak. The color Black symbolizes strength, authority, and power and with a message of personal evolution and Black excellence at the core of his personal and professional brand – Archer tells The Hype Fresh “I stand for pushing our culture forward, instead of the usual drugs and violence. The music is the culture because a lot of the kids listen to the music. If the music is motivational and inspirational, in a positive way, to help push our culture forward I think that will see evolution within the new generation.”

    In Archer’s own words, personal evolution means growing, maturing, and being exposed to new things. He motivates his fans to “get uncomfortable while growing into their own person” and says people should realize that as a man there are certain things you don’t do anymore.

    His music touched people from all walks of life, regardless of age, wealth, or education. One fan commented on a video recording of his latest performance “Von Archer you are definitely a real one,” while another fan wrote, “He did his thang tonight.”

    “I’m trying to start a movement this ain’t just a song/ Motivate the kings and queens to claim their thrones/ Excellence over ignorance evolutions a must/ Call me George Jefferson Cuz I’m moving on up/ The soul of a God tell me who shall I fear/ Straight up out the belly got me feeling like sincere/ Focus on my/ purpose while I am here on this earth/ Screaming unity till they put me in the dirt,” he raps in the second verse of his upcoming release.

    These sounds call on his fan base to want to rally behind him to help change the narrative of society’s current state.

    Von Archer has a spirit of Black excellence as he leads and inspires with powerful music and lyrics. Besides being an entertainer, he demonstrates his strength through fitness and bodybuilding. He is a champion in more ways than one and does not let anything get in his way.

    When asked what his hope is for the future of the music industry, the says “My hope for the future of music and entertainment is that artists will stop writing and rapping about killing Black people. Murder, murder, murder – that’s all it is and we’ve lost so many young rappers throughout the history of Black music due to violence. Everything has to have a balance, I know that murder is the reality for some people and that writing about your truth has its place but there has to have a balance.”

    This creative is a pioneer of black excellence and you can expect more from him very soon.

    For more information on Von Archer, follow him on Instagram.

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