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    Victoria Justice Pokes Fun at Hilarious “I Think We All Sing” Meme with Daniella Monet

    Victorious Reunion: Justice and Monet Belt Out a High Note with Hilarious Meme

    Everyone remembers “Victorious,” the Nickelodeon show packed with bops and iconic characters, right? One moment from the popular show has reemerged on the internet, and this time, the show’s own stars have revived it. Get ready to relive the hilarity of the “I think we all sing” meme with a fresh twist.

    It all began with a seemingly innocuous interview. The main actors of Victorious were taken down memory lane about the good times they had on the series and, more specifically, their penchant for music. As compliments came her way for footing the bill for her powerful vocal talent, one line from Victoria Justice echoed down the years: “I think we ALL sing!”

    At first glance, it seemed like a funny moment for close friends to share – but that is not how the internet works. The clip went viral, turning into the familiar “I think we all sing” meme. Users took to social media to express their excitement at how universal the meme is. The next time someone tries to make themselves seem cool, you can say this – and the internet agreed and then inundated Twitter with their variations on the theme.

    Drama, right? Wasn’t there a kerfuffle, an issue? After all, Justice’s comment could be taken to mean that she was roasting Grande on Instagram. At any rate, a more thorough examination of the facts resulted in an affirmative answer. It is a part of the show’s light-hearted spirit which ultimately brought fans together.

    And if you fast forward it all to now, the saga continues. Even as fans were recently given an early Christmas present, which was their top-secret mention by Victoria Justice and her Victorious co-star, Daniella Monet in a brand new video. Although the details are scant, the mere mention sparked a fire under the pop-cultural catchphrase once more, tipping off fans to the fact that it will be with us for a long time to come.

    Meanwhile, TikTok has provided a second life by being particularly suited to building on the meme’s continued achievement in addition to nostalgia. Lip-syncing jokes and funny skits have been turned into a catchphrase by users. In doing so, it has created its own place as a pop culture reference for an entirely new generation.

    But with Victoria Justice’s most recent teaser making the rounds on the internet, the speculations are hitting new heights. Whatever the case may be, one thing has been evidently clear for quite some time now – I think we all sing will never get old! From going back to the very scene where it all started and up to the endless remixes you can find online, this meme is quickly morphing into the fan-bonding agent fueled by laugh and love for Victorious. So next time you see someone who needs some extra credit go around, remind them – we ALL sing!

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