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    Veteran WR Hints Towards Joining the Buffalo Bills with DE Von Miller

    The NFL free agency has been running rampant this offseason. However, one of the key players that have yet to be signed to a roster is veteran WR Odell Beckham Jr.! Free agency has become an art in itself about selling yourself by having teams find interest in one’s talents. While he’s not ready to join or produce for any NFL team due to the injury (torn ACL) suffered during the most recent Super Bowl, it appears Beckham is enjoying the theatrics of it all. He’s continuously hinting at teams he might join, and this situation is no different.

    He hinted at joining the locker available next to him via Instagram. That the Buffalo Bills are one of the favored teams to win the Super Bowl this season makes a whole lot of sense. While OBJ is nursing his ACL back to health, he most likely won’t play until mid-season anyways. If the Bills joined forces with all-pro WR, it would strengthen their chances of competing for a championship.

    “What’s the locker next to u loook like !!!??” – @obj writes to Miller.

    Buffalo Bills Excited at the Possibility of Acquiring Beckham Jr.

    HOF WR Andre Reed added to the hype around the possibility, which naturally excited the fans. According to Sports Illustrated, Reed commented on how the colors of the jersey would look on Beckham. He added, his impact could alter the future of the Bills for the better.

    “How would OBJ look in Red, White, and Blue?” Reed wrote on social media last weekend. “Him and Von runnin’ it back in Buffalo. Let’s just say we had a good convo last night in Atlantic City.”

    Veteran WRs Steffon Diggs and Beckham Jr. have the potential to be magical, however, there is only one football to go around! Many believed the Rams wouldn’t work out because of their intense demand for talent, however, it worked out perfectly fine for them. In fact, many believe he might have won the Super Bowl MVP before his injury at the rate he was going.

    We’ll see how the fate of OBJ plays out! What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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