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    Venom; Carnage; Alternate Trailer 20+ Easter Eggs

    Venom: Let There be Carnage; Alternate Trailer 20+ Easter Eggs

    Are you excited for Venom: Let There Be Carnage? If so, recently, Sony released a second trailer with 20+ Easter Eggs. But, most importantly, a much closer look at Carnage, the alter ego of Cletus Kasady.

    Take a look below before jumping in to the analysis. And, while most are disappointed at the lack of Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, fans should be even more excited about the Venom sequel.

    A Closer, Polished look at Carnage

    1. Origin Story

    The trailer reveals the origin story of Carnage. Instead of being cellmates, in the comics, it appears Cletus Kasady has been drawing Brock in by expressing interest in telling his story only to him. Kasady may have a clue that something is different with Eddie Brock, ie Venom. During one of Brock’s visits, Kasady bites Eddie’s arm injesting some of the symbiote that will reemerge during Kasady execution.

    2. Prison:

    During the prison scenes, Cletus Kasady is seen in a white prison jumpsuit. It’s importance may be that it could be the same prison that Vulture, Scorpion, and Morbeus are also in. San Quentin is in California and known for similar colors of the prison jumpsuits. White could symbolize death row or AdSeg. This could also signal at the Blackgate Prison comic origin.

    3. How Carnage Forms?

    While, Eddie appears to be holding back wanting to maintain control over the Venom Symbiote, Kasady gives in completely. This is evident in how the Symbiote alter egos form. With Eddie, Venom wraps around his body.

    But with Carnage, he morphs, become one and maintain control in Carnage form. This is evident in the trailer.

    Especially, as Carnage opens up his stomach to dodge bullets by creating holes for them to go through. Cletus Kasady even taunts Brock with his holding back indicating that he could be much more powerful if he let’s go and gives in.

    4. How Carnage Eats?

    Carnage eats insides with tongue disolving the insides and sucking them completely out. Wheras, Venom bites their heads off.

    5. License plate: Aug 9z9956

    Part of this plate’s number has to refer to a comic issue or air date but I haven’t found one that matches. However, I did read that Carnage is supposedly the 999th symbiote created.

    6. Colorplay to highlight Carnage & Venom

    Carnage & Venom
    Venom: Let There be Carnage; Alternate Trailer 20+ Easter Eggs #6 color

    Carnage & Venom

    Carnage & Venom

    Aesthetically, the use of red and black colors to mirror carnage and Venom, foreshadowing their big fight. At one point, Eddie rides off on a red Ducati motorcycle and helmet with red accents.

    7. “One is the Loneliness Number” Song

    One is the Loneliness

    This actually refers to Spider-man Unlimited: Episode 11: One is the Loneliest Number. In the episode, the venom symbiote leaves Brock and he needs Spider-man to get it back.

    This reference could be foreshadowing that Venom will leave Brock due to his growing agitation with his rules. This could also tease spider-man joining in the third film at some point.

    Trouble between Venom & Brock?

    8. Venom: “I’m a predator.”

    Venom: Let there be carnage, easter eggs from the trailer Sony | In Asssociation for Marvel

    9.Venom’s Aggresive Impulses

    In the trailer, Venom’s impulses and aggression seem to be growing as he not only destroys the apartment but also attacks Brock and Anne’s fiance.

    10. Replacement food:

    Chocolate as seen in the first trailer with Mrs. Chen.

    Replacement food

    11. “We should be out there, snacking on bad guys.”

    12. Brock threatens Venom with Area 51 and exposure saying they shouldn’t draw too much attention to his existence on Earth.

    13. Anne Weying

    Kasady looks at a picture of Brock’s ex-girlfriend as he speaks of revenge. Maybe, that suggest that something happened to Shriek which triggers his want for vengeance.

    Anne Weying

    Brock’s Ex, Anne Weying, appears to be moving on. And, it’s not just Brock that is suffering.

    14. “That should have been us,”

    Venom screams into Brock’s thoughts. Then, upon leaving, he slaps the guy in the face in some sort of rage induced impulsiveness.

    15. In the comics, Venom has a kid with Eddie’s ex called codex. It may not appear in the movie but could explain Venom’s strong connection to Weying. Venom also bound with her in the end of the

    16. Ravencroft


    Marvel / spider-man’s version of Arkham Asylumn host to many super-villains including Shriek. Ravenscroft was also seen briefly in Amazing Spider-man when they were teasing the sinister six.

    17. Shriek

    Venom: Let there be carnage, easter eggs from the trailer Sony | In Asssociation for Marvel

    The character of Shriek is an important factor in this storyline. She should not be dismissed as only the love interest of the villain, Carnage. Her role lies within her powers. Shriek has sonic powers. Those powers can disrupt the symbiote. Which, besides the distructive wave she leaves as she shrieks, those powers could cause some havok with the Venom symbiote as well as being an answer in taking down Carnage.

    Venom: Let There be Carnage; Alternate Trailer 20+ Easter Eggs #17 Shriek

    Additonally, her secondary power is to intensify negative emotions. This could be a clue for Venom’s impulses spinning out of wack. Venom is already irritable from the rule of not eating anyone but this agitation could be heightened by Shriek. Maybe, even purposely done at the request of boyfriend, Carnage.

    18. Maximum Carnage Storyline

    Carnage Storyline

    Maximum Carnage is a 14-part comic crossover published in Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man  in 1993. It featured Spider-Man, Venom, and a host of other superheroes teaming up to face Venom’s murderous offspring Carnage. The story featured couple Carnage and Shriek freeing criminals and heightening their most violent impulses allowing them to create chaos in their wake.

    -via wikipedia

    19. “On my planet, i’m a bit of a loser.”

    20. “Oh s***, thats a red one.” The color may signify a higher rank on his planet. Which, could explain his fear and inferiority and why he disappears. Brock has to coax him out by saying,

    21. “I’ll let you eat everybody.”

    Then, Venom pops out ready to go shouting, “Oh, Yeah” like the Kool Aid man.

    Other references:

    22. License plate with a partial 65

    This refers to kang the conquer and the multiverse. For those who have watched Loki, you’ll understand why this reference was included. One includes crossing over and there’s one guy everyone’s been waiting for to crossover. 🕷

    23. Prometheus poem Kasidy sends to Brock

    Suffering is repeated multiple times and prometheus was imprisoned so that part can referred to Kasady who may see himself as a God and one that will unleash suffering upon the world. Make of it what you will.

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