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    Vanessa Bryant Angered Over Leaked Mambacita Shoes

    Vanessa Bryant’s Nike, Mambacita shoes leaked; no approval.

    Vanessa Bryant is upset after Mambacita shoes leaked without her approval. Mrs. Bryant was working on these shoes with Nike to honor her daughter. The shoes she created for her late husband and daughter were supposed to be a fundraising move to support Mamba and Mambacita Sports.

    Changed her mind about the Mambacita Shoes

    Due to her refusal to sign a new contract with Nike for her husband, the idea was scrapped. Ultimately, she wasn’t granted a green light for the foundation and decided against the release. However, the Mambacita shoes were leaked anyway in a photo. Vanessa is angry because her approval wasn’t given to do so. Especially, since she decided she would not go through with their creation and release.

    Vanessa Bryant angered over leaked mambacita shoes that weren’t supposed to be made in the first place. Mrs. Bryant has not received any of the shoes despite leaked without her approval. Vanessa Bryant | Instagram

    In an instagram post, Vancessa Bryant shares the photoand her thoughts regarding the incident. Instead, the shoes were leaked. Vanessa posits, that it was done to capitalize off her husband’s and daughter’s tragedy. Mrs. Bryant is upset, rightfully. However, she is also confused . She doesn’t understand how someone else could have their hands on the shoes that were not supposed to be made in the first place.

    Unleashing her frustrations on Instagram

    Vanessa  Bryant writes,

    “The Mambacita shoes cannot be sold. I intended for them to be available in order to honor my daughter, with all proceeds benefiting our @MambaMamacitaSports Foundation. However, since I did not renew my contract with Nike and chose not to sell these shoes.”

    She continues,

    “The Mambacita shoes were never authorized for production. Nike has not sent any of these pairs to me or my daughters. It’s puzzling how someone else has access to shoes that I personally designed to honor my daughter, Gigi, and we do not.”

    Furthermore, the shoes were found in out in public on the feet of a ballplayer. Recently, Khris Middleton was spotted wearing the unreleased shoes during a game. Since, she has not approved the mambacita shoes for sale, it lead us to think there will be some court files sent Nike’s way.

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