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    Love don’t cost a thing, maybe sometimes on Valentines day.

    People tend to procrastinate when it comes to getting gifts for their significant others for Valentines Day. Coming up with an idea to give your lady or man on love day is not the easiest thing in the world, unless you don’t think it over. The key to a good gift is, are you ready? Listening.

    Yes, listening to what your significant other talks about can help you figure out what kind of gift you should give them. While some people have taken Valentines day over the top with diamond necklaces and cars, most people do not expect it. People want to know that they are appreciated, so simple gifts, aka cheap gifts, can go a long way. Lets take it back to when burning CDs and making mixtapes was the biggest way you could show someone how you feel. Music speaks to the soul. So when you can’t find the perfect words to explain your feelings, why not let Stevie Wonder “Just Call To Say I Love You,” have Jagged Edge explain what you “Promise,” or allow Beyonce to instruct how to “Dance For You.”

    Still can’t think of anything and you balling on a budget? Well thank the Valentines day Gods for Groupon. If you search “Valentines Day Groupon,” you will be directed to cupids secret stash of ideas and gifts for the low. They have coupons for almost everything that you can think of. Get your lady some chocolate covered strawberries or a spa date or take your man on a trip to the shooting range or get his car detailed.

    Groupon has categories like “Foodie Gifts”, “Date Night + Experiences”, and “Romantic Getaways” so the options are unlimited! Be creative and think about the things they wouldn’t expect you to remember, then watch them melt. Well that’s up to you. Happy Love Day!

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