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    Usher Jr. Goes Viral! Steals Dad’s Phone to DM PinkPantheress on Instagram

    Usher Jr. Goes Viral! Steals Dad’s Phone to DM PinkPantheress on Instagram

    Usher’s teenage son, Naviyd Eli Raymond, has become an internet sensation. He reached out to his favorite singer, PinkPantheress, in the most adorable way imaginable.

    Naviyd, a 15-year-old British singer fan, decided to do something special. He took his father’s phone and sent an Instagram direct letter to PinkPantheress. He wrote that he was Usher’s son and loved her music. He also requested a follow on his account. Furthermore, Naviyd added that he had introduced Usher to her creations. He meant her music by the term “masterpieces.”

    Amused by the unexpected message, PinkPantheress replied positively. At the same time, the girl noted the strange situation – the artist wrote, “This is wild.” Nevertheless, she did not ignore Naviyd and answered to him. Thus, she and the boy began a conversation.

    After a while, 45-year-old Usher found out what happened. He was asked about sending direct messages through his account to someone who had a Powerpuff Girls picture . As it turned out, his son messaged PinkPantheress from the singer’s phone. Usher apologized to the artist and explained the child’s enthusiasm. However, PinkPantheress took the incident calmly – the girl even invited Usher and Naviyd to her show.

    Usher first informed Navifyd that he could not go to PinkPantheress’s concert. The amount he went was too much to get him to connect with her on his behalf. However, he later had a change of mind. As Usher put it, he could not ignore the child’s effort. He finally met PinkPantheress while watching the concert with Navifyd. He then changed his profile picture to one with his idol. Usher would later FaceTime her to further validate the connection.

    Usher’s son revealed it to him, and his father praised his hard work while admitting the trust issue. Usher loved and enjoyed Naviyd’s zeal and decided it was a “great moment.” Usher ended the video by saying, “#HustleHard,” signaling recognition of Naviyd’s efforts to make the connection happen.

    Overall, it was a heartwarming final story on how Usher’s son, Naviyd, connected with PinkPantheress. It was a mere mischief, but the determination took the day.

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