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    USA Hurdler Sydney McLaughlin Does The Impossible

    The New Jersey native never fails to impress and this weekend was no different. The USA hurdler Sydney McLaughlin managed to break the record and rewrite history, reported ESPN. She’s a once-in-a-lifetime athlete and is obliterating her own and any other records set prior. Surprisingly, the 22-year-old McLaughlin has broken the world record for the fourth time in just 13 months. Recently, she ran the 400-meter hurdle at the world championship in 50.6 seconds. Essentially, shattering her old record by .73 seconds.

    “It’s unreal,” McLaughlin said in the post-race interview on the track.

    She smoked the Netherlands hurdler Femke Bol by 1.59 seconds. In race terms, this is a lot of time and quite a large margin in a physical sense. With that being said, while winning the World Championship by a convincing margin, she still didn’t seem to be satisfied. In fact, she emphasized she’s yet to run the “perfect race,” according to CBS Sports.

    “I haven’t had a chance to watch it, so I’ll need to do that and then discuss it with my coach,” Sydney McLaughlin mentioned. “But I believe there are always areas for improvement. We’re constantly pushing the limits of the sport, especially in our event.”

    Not only was she awarded a gold medal for her historic efforts but she was also greeted by the World Athletics president Sebastian Coe with a $100,000 check for breaking those world records. Nothing better than doing what one loves while making bonuses on top of the normal compensation.

    What’s Next for Sydney McLaughlin?

    While she’s arguably one of the top athletes in track, she’s only 22 years old with so much more to prove. She arguably hasn’t reached her prime as of yet and appears to be competing with herself. Any new record she’d beat would be previously hers. She’s literally chasing herself and will be for a very long time. Congratulations to Syndey McLaughlin and her team!

    Sydney mentioned, “My coach believes there’s still much to achieve. We might consider the 4 or the 100 hurdles in the future. For now, he advises me to savor my experience with the 400 hurdles and then, if I desire to explore further, take it from there. The possibilities are endless!”

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