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    Unlikely Collaborators Wale, J. Cole Team Up For New Song

    The old saying goes that all wounds heal with time. In Wale and J. Cole’s case, the saying seems to ring true. Recently, Wale teased an upcoming track with J. Cole last week. The news may come as a shock to some, since the hip-hop artists have had beef in the past. Apparently, the two have grown tired of taking shots at one another on social media. Now Wale and J. Cole have joined forces to show just how far they’ve moved past the negativity. They certainly pose as the most unlikely collaborators to team up on a new song.

                The Hip-Hop Enemies Become Unlikely Collaborators

    unlikely collaborators
    via Rap-Up

    In recent years, music collaborations have been on the rise. While Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B brought us the controversial “WAP”, Doja Cat and SZA introduced fans to “Kiss Me More.” Now hip-hop heavy-weights Wale and J. Cole have taken on the mantle. Furthermore, the unlikely collaborators will join forces for a new song.

    Wale announced the news to his six million followers on Twitter last Wednesday.  “Folarin x Cole World . 3pm Tmrw,” Wale tweeted. Moreover, he provided visuals of whats to come. In the tweet, Wale posted a picture of himself and the J. Cole posing in front of a pink background. Furthermore, sources revealed the new track as “Poke It Out” which will be featured on Wale’s Folarin II album. Fans can expect to pick up the record on October 22. Guess they finally ended their social media feud.

                              J.Cole And Wale’s Feud

    unlikely collaborators
    via Complex

    It’s clear to see that J. Cole and Wale have moved past their old beef. Though, years before, it didn’t seem possible that the two would ever get along. While on the hip-hop pioneers have always supported one another, they’ve also thrown shade. In fact, they’ve taken shots at each other on diss tracks. Back in 2016, J. Cole dropped his track “False Prophets” where he detailed his frustrations at Wale for not counting his blessings. In retaliation, Wale released his own diss track, “Groundhog Day” that basically suggested they were no longer friends. At some point, the two made up. Now they’ve become one of the most unlikely collaborators to hop on a song together. It’s like they say, miracles can happen.

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