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    Uncle Murda Spills All the Tea in “Rap Up 2023”: Who Will Get Burned?

    The Hip Hop world is excited for Uncle Murda’s annual “Rap Up” track, where he summarizes the year’s events in a witty and often ruthless song. But this year, he has a special surprise for his listeners: the intro will feature none other than Trick Daddy, one of his most prominent critics, calling him a “clown” for allegedly exploiting tragedies for viral content.

    The feud between the two rappers started when Trick Daddy, who hosts a cooking show called “I Got My Pots,” slammed Uncle Murda for his controversial approach to the “Rap Up” series. He accused him of being disrespectful for mentioning victims, the dead, and people’s issues in his songs, saying that he was “trying to get some likes and some views.”

    Uncle Murda, who hails from East New York, did not take kindly to Trick Daddy’s words. He reposted the clip of his rant on his Instagram page and trolled him in the caption, saying that he would use it as the intro to his “Rap Up 2023” track. He thanked him for the free promotion and added emojis to mock him.

    The “Rap Up 2023” track, produced by Great John, is expected to drop soon after the teaser. Fans are eager to hear what Uncle Murda says about the year’s events, especially those involving some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop scene. Uncle Murda is known for his no-holds-barred style, where he spares no one with his sharp tongue and hilarious punchlines.

    But his style has also earned him some enemies and critics, who think he is crossing the line with his jokes and comments. One of them is Mad Skillz, a Virginia rapper who started a similar “Rap Up” series in the late 90s. He has accused Uncle Murda of copying his ideas and disrespecting the culture. The two have exchanged diss tracks and shots on social media over the years, adding more fuel to the fire.

    With the release of “Rap Up 2023”, Uncle Murda is set to stir up more drama and controversy in the Hip Hop world. Who will he praise, who will he diss, and who will he expose? Will Trick Daddy respond to his intro, or will he let it slide? How will Mad Skillz react to his latest track, and will he drop his version? And most importantly, who will get burned by Uncle Murda’s tea? Stay tuned to find out.

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