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    ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ Bad Bunny’s Most Ambitious Album Yet

    On May 6 Bad Bunny dropped his anticipated album of the year Un Verano Sin Ti. It dropped after he had three albums on the charts, YHLQMDLG, EUTDM, and x100PRE. Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny broke records last weekend and became the most-streamed album of 2022 so far.

    As per Billboard, the artist now holds the record for the most streams in a day globally. Drake previously held the record.

    But the announcement of this album Un Verano Sin Ti started with a genius marketing idea. On ClasificadosOnline, a Puerto Rican version of eBay had a listing for a 2019 Bugatti Chiron that went on sale. This showed the seller as Benito A. Martinez Ocasio (Bad Bunny) and a phone number 787-417-8605 but the number is no longer available. When fans found out, they started calling the number and a snippet of one of his new songs came with it.

    There’s An Order

    The album Un Verano Sin Ti has a specific order. It’s divided into a cassette “Side A” and “Side B”.  Bad Bunny albums should always be heard in chronological order as the artist intended. “Side A” is full of parties, happiness, and more. It includes features from Checho Corleone, Rauw Alejandro, and Jhay Cortez. The song “La Corriente” is one of his most awaited because it represents the return of reggaeton singer Tony Dize. Dize was absent for many years due to controversy and disagreement in the industry.

    Meanwhile, “Side B” shows what we know as ‘Sad Bunny’. This side is full of falling out of love which brought many elements that made his songs so popular and helped his career such as “Si Estuviésemos Juntos”, “Otra Noche en Miami” and “Estamos Bien”. One of these examples of “Side B” is the song “Andrea” featuring Buscabulla. It relates the story of the recent femicides in Latin America and how it’s difficult for women to be out alone without having the dangers of being murdered in mind.

    Many in Puerto Rico speculated the artist wrote the song with a specific case of feminicide in mind. The case of Andrea Ruiz Costas who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Before her death, she pleaded to justice for a restraining order but the court denied it. Just a few days later she was burned to death by her ex-boyfriend. But Bad Bunny cleared the rumors and said that “Andrea” could be anyone facing violence of this sort in an interview with Puerto Rican influencer Chenteydrach.

    Breaking Records

    According to  Billboard, Un Verano Sin Ti, debuted at No. 1, having the year’s biggest release week for anyone. In the U.S. alone the album earned 274,000 units by May 12. And on Spotify, he’s dominating the charts by being No. 1 on albums and having 6 songs on the Top 10 on the app.

    What’s your favorite song on Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti album?

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