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    Tyrese & His Girlfriend Don’t Know The Meaning Of TMI

    Being in love can make people feel like they’re on top of the world. New couples especially take pride in showing off their love. However, there’s a such thing as couples oversharing. Fast & The Furious star Tyrese Gibson’s new girlfriend Zelie Timothy recently posted a video of him shaving her bikini line. The video has left plenty of people shocked, even some celebrities have expressed their utter surprise. Have Gibson and Timothy ever heard of TMI?

    Tyrese & His Girlfriend Share TMI

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    Some celebrities treat their social media pages like their own personal romantic diary. Though, there’s a such thing as showing off a little too much PDA. Tyrese Gibson has been getting rather cozy with his new girlfriend Zelie Timothy. However, the couple’s displays of affection took on a whole new meaning when Tyrese posted himself shaving his girlfriend’s bikini line. Talk about TMI!

    Last Sunday, Instagram Influencer Zelie Timothy posted a video on Instagram of Gibson shaving her bikini line. In the racy video, Timothy’s kicked her legs up in the air, wiggling her manicured toes. Tyrese comes into view and spreads her legs before shaving his 25-year-old girlfriend. The whole time, Tyrese kept licking his lips. At one point, Timothy asks him with a laugh why he keeps licking his lips. “I didn’t even know I was doing that,” the 42-year-old responded in a seemingly mesmerized way. These two don’t know the meaning of TMI.

    Their Relationship

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    Witnessing celebrity relationships can make us envy the lifestyle of the rich and famous. However, there’s a such thing as taking things too far, especially when it comes to PDA. Tyrese Gibson and Zelie Timothy certainly put on a show of affection for fans at home. They didn’t even mind oversharing with their intimate shaving session. This couple doesn’t know the meaning of TMI. Moreover, the couple were first linked together at the start of the year and have since been very exclusive. Looks like there’s no slowing these two down.

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