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    Typhanie & Co. Is A Rising Star In Music & Enteupeuneurship

    Rising artist and songwriter Typhanie & Co. is a creative carving her own path toward success. Attending the illustrious Howard University for college, she is using her higher education to educate the masses beyond music.

    Being a recording artist and model are two things this rising star is passionate about. But she does not like to limit herself with her gifts, talents and dreams. Typhanie is currently embarking on a career as a entrepreneurship with the release of her Canna Rosa company.

    Canna Rosa are handcrafted organic rose shells and wraps, that help stimulate the mind while smoking cannabis. With the growing popularity of the cannabis industry worldwide, Typhaine wanted to expand her brand into the world.

    One of her biggest goals in life is to acquire wealth. Understanding that you have to have several streams of income, this creative thought outside the box, birthing her baby Canna Rosa.

    When asked why wealth means so much to her and why she felt so passionate about founding Canna Rose  she responded “Wealth is very important to me. Though I am moving away from being into materialistic things, I know that wealth is required to attain the lifestyle I want. I hope people take in and enjoy my new baby! Canna Rosa took a lot out of me!”

    Typhanie hopes her product will take the world by storm, the same way her music has. As a college educated woman, she is showing young ladies that you don’t hav to compromise to get everything you want out of life. Just ask Grammy Award Winning artist Megan Thee Stallion who is is currently getting her Bachelors degree at Texas Southern University in Healthcare Administration.

    Typhanie & Co will become a household name in no time. Click here to check out out some of her music.


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