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    Tyga & His New Girlfriend Announce Engagement

    There’s nothing cuter than a couple in love. Obviously, the media loves when a new Hollywood couple flaunts their love all over social media. Tyga and his girlfriend Camaryn Swanson have only dated for a couple of months. Though, the new couple seem more than ready to take the next step in their relationship. After all, we only live once in this life. Now Tyga and the social media influencer have decided to tattoo their names on each other. In doing so, they also officially announced their engagement.

    The Couple Tattoo Each Other’s Names

    via RadarOnline

    Love can make people do crazy things, even when it’s just puppy love. Tyga and his girl have been dating since the start of 2021. Furthermore, they made their relationship known to fans just this past March. Obviously, they’re still in the honeymoon phrase of their relationship and it shows big time. To show just how much they love each other, they decided to get love tatts.

    Last Tuesday, Camaryn Swanson took to Instagram to show off the new ink her and her famous boyfriend received. The two tatted themselves with their nicknames. Furthermore, Swanson branded herself with Tyga’s nickname ‘T Raww’ on her neck. Similarly, the rapper had ‘Cam’ printed in bold gothic letters on the inside of his wrist. Clearly, the pair couldn’t help but shower their love tatts all over social media. We wonder if their relationship will last past the engagement stage.

    They’re Officially Engaged

    via The Projects

    It’s obvious that Tyga and his girlfriend Camaryn Swanson aren’t taking things slow. Instead, the couple seem eager to skip the dating part of their relationship and go straight to the alter. In addition to branding themselves with tattoos of their names, they also announced their engagement.

    Rumors of their engagement circulated when Swanson posted a selfie with Tyga, sporting a diamond ring. Recently, the Instagram influencer sported the ring again on June 11th at Zack Bia’s birthday party in West Hollywood. After seeing the selfies, fans took to the comments, asking if the two were officially engaged. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that the couple plan to take the next step in their relationship.

    What do you think? Do you think they’re engaged? Will their marriage last?


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