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    Twitter Cancels Trina For her Protestor Remarks.

    Trina is the latest Twitter cancel victim after fans hear her comments about protestors in Florida.

    While on her morning radio show with Trick Daddy, Trina made comments that have twitter users ready to hit the cancel button. The self-anointed ” Baddest B***H” made matters worse when she defended her comments with tweets of her own.

    The protests/riots that are raging across America are bringing out some people’s true character. Never before has the countries underlying racial tension been combined with such a perfect combination of “right time, right place”.

    People needed an excuse to break the quarantine, summers coming, cabin fever has set in, they were itching. Sprinkle in a racist president with heavy Twitter fingers to rile things up and you have the perfect mix for chaos.

    Trina doesn’t seem to understand that though, her thoughts on the events following George Floyd’s murder are more aligned with the privileged.

    After her comments made it to twitter it was pretty much a wrap after that, fans let her know the ignorance of her ways.

    The Miami native didn’t just sit by and watch fans drag her name, no she chimed in which made matters worse.

    What Trina said may not be popular, but it’s how many of the people we let entertain us think. They don’t see or understand uncivil protest, they have only read about it in their history books, and even then only white men did it with purpose. That’s why when white men marched to end the quarantine early, no one batted an eye. It’s because a white man standing up and doing whatever is necessary for liberty is a familiar sight.  When Black people attempt the same pursuits, due to decades of propaganda they are seen as Thugs, “Animals”, etc.

    Trina made a point that one of her friend’s businesses was affected by the looting, making the issue more personal.

    Her statements entail the problem with America and more specifically black America, and that is “a problem is only a problem when it’s personal”. She doesn’t care about the millions of struggling Americans who got laid off by corporations who got bailed out. No remorse for the men and women who are going to work every day as “essentials” yet make less than a livable wage.

    These people don’t exist to her because they mess up the narrative that all of this destruction is “Pointless”. People like Trina only see the small percentage of people out there who haven’t been hurt by the system just trying to make a come up. Yet despite what the news shows or you have been trained to think, that select group of people without cause usually lack melanin.

    What do you guys think of Trina’s comments and impending cancel? Do you agree or disagree?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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