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    Trust’N & Bkwds Takes Us On A Ride To ‘Neverland’ In New EP

    Trust’N & Bkwds, an emerging group from Wisconsin, takes us on a captivating journey to the renowned Neverland with their latest project. This five-song EP seamlessly blends elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B, showcasing the duo’s remarkable versatility throughout. Collaborating with talented producers like Milian Beats, Era Lake, and NextLane Beats, Trust’N & Bkwds deliver a unique, self-crafted sound that meets industry standards in terms of musical elements and songwriting.

    The significance of “Neverland” lies in its ability to bring forth this distinct sound while resonating with listeners. After dedicating two years to its creation, Trust’N & Bkwds are finally ready to share their art with the world. The EP captures a range of emotions, including both joyful and melancholic moments, reflecting the experiences felt during the pandemic. Coming from a place where Hip-Hop artists have struggled to thrive, Trust’N & Bkwds face the odds head-on, seeking the recognition they deserve.

    Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, a city that has faced challenges in promoting hip-hop events, Trust’N & Bkwds persist despite the obstacles. Their latest EP follows the success of their chart-topping 2019 release, “Lapse.”

    “Neverland” is now available through Lost Boy Entertainment/Create Music Group. Discover the magic of #Neverland below.

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