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    Trump Told “Proud Boys” To “Stand Back And Stand By”

    President Trump told his “Proud Boys” to “Stand Back and Stand By,” but who are these boys?

    The biggest takeaway from a disastrous first presidential debate was Trump’s message to his “Proud Boys.” Such a statement may seem frivolous, but it should be a red flag for all Americans.

    Neither Biden nor Trump had a performance to brag about in last night’s debacle of a debate. However, it was President Trump, who once again made the most outlandish statements.

    The November election is about a month away, and we have a sitting president openly encouraging domestic terrorists to get ready.

    Using the term “Proud boys” was not just a creative use of words or old jargon; it was a call to a far-right extremist group who loves violence.

    As the dust settles from the debate, Trump has yet to recant or try to clarify his usage of the term. Even more, the group itself has taken 45’s statements as a rallying cry.

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