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    Trump Indictment in New York: The Latest Details

    Donald Trump Might Get in Trouble in New York!

    Something really important is happening in New York. They are looking very closely at Donald Trump, who used to be the boss of the whole country. They want to see if he did something wrong during an election. If they find he did something really bad, he could be in big trouble.

    Andrew Weissmann talks about this. He says that another person, Enrique Tarrio, got into trouble because he did something wrong at the Capitol. Enrique had to go to a time-out place for 22 years. Mr. Weissmann thinks Donald Trump might have to go to a time-out place, too, if they say he did something bad.

    But we need to remember something important. Right now, they are only looking and asking questions. Donald Trump is still a person that the rules say is not in trouble until they find out for sure. The people who make the rules are watching very carefully to make sure everything is fair.

    This is a really big deal because it could change how important people are treated when they do something not good. It’s like a big story that we will watch to see what happens next.

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