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    Trippie Redd Flexed On Instagram Wearing Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes”

    When it comes down to what’s trending on Twitter, there’s a wealth of celebrity controversies we’re bound to find. For instance, Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” have become such a topic of discussion that it’s all anyone can talk about. Not to mention, the star’s shoe collaborator Nike has a huge lawsuit on their hands. Though, apparently Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” have become a hot ticket item among celebrities. So far Miley Cyrus has been the only star known to have bought the shoes. Though until recently, rapper Trippie Redd flexed on his Instagram sporting the new kicks.

         Trippie Redd Flexed On Instagram In His New Kicks

    via Rolling Stone

    Lil Nas X has been making waves with his latest music video, “MONTERO.”Clearly, the Heaven and Hell themes resonated heavily with millions of people. While some fans have praised the rapper for embracing his homosexuality, others have condemned him. Religious groups especially have expressed their outrage.

    Once Nas X came out with his “Satan Shoes”, it seemed highly unlikely that anyone would consider buying the new Nike kicks. Afterall, who’d want a shoe that contains “1 drop” of human blood, especially during a pandemic outbreak? Though, apparently Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” caught the eyes of a few fellow celebrities. As of recently, Trippie Redd purchased himself some of the kicks.

    On Tuesday, the rapper flexed on Instagram showing off his new “Satan Shoes.” In the posted video, Redd smoked a blunt while cheering, “On my wavy s***, you know what I’m saying. Ay, shout-out gang though. Shout-out Nas, my n****. On God.” Additionally, the video showed Redd standing in front of the camera, showing off his new kicks. Of course, it makes sense that Redd would purchase the shoes. The rapper often plays with “diabolical themes” in his artistry as well. Guess there’s an audience for everything.

                Will They Collab In The Near Future

    via Allure

    Since Treppie Redd and Lil Nas X share similar taste in musical themes, a collaborating between the two seems likely. Fans suspected that the two rappers already did a collab back in 2020 on a song called “Walk Alone.” However, it was never confirmed. Rumors about Lil Nas X and Trippie Redd collaborating on the leaked track, stemmed from a project they’d supposedly worked on. No word yet on what the two emcees have in store for fans, but we’ll know soon enough. After Redd flexed on Instagram sporting the “Satan Shoes”, we’re sure the two will work together in the near future.


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