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    Trina Admits To Being “Just Friends” With Tory Lanez

    Trina, the renowned hip-hop artist, has been thriving in the limelight. Recently, she has delighted fans with new music and shown support for emerging female emcees like City Girls. However, Trina has also grabbed attention for other reasons. There have been ongoing speculations about her dating history with Tory Lanez. Yet, in a recent interview, Trina firmly denies these rumors, emphasizing that she and Tory Lanez are nothing more than friends.

    Trina Keeps Tory Lanez At Arm’s Length

    The buzz surrounding Tory Lanez’s verdict may be fading, but his situation is far from resolved. Many fans are now curious about his relationship status with Trina, speculating that they might have dated in the past. However, Trina recently clarified during an interview on Caresha Please that they are simply friends.

    Trina shared with Yung Miami from City Girls last week that she met Tory Lanez during a challenging period in her life, shortly after ending a difficult relationship with French Montana. She dedicated all her energy to music and happened to meet Lanez during a recording session. Initially, their connection was based on their mutual love for music.

    Their friendship grew stronger when Trina discovered that Lanez was the artist her team wanted to replace on a reference track she had received from a producer. At the time, Lanez was a newcomer in the hip-hop scene, but Trina was impressed by his voice nonetheless.

    Eventually, they collaborated on two of her songs: “F**k Love” in 2014 and “Damn” in 2017. While Lanez didn’t express his romantic feelings directly, their music served as an outlet for his emotions. Nevertheless, Trina made sure to maintain a certain distance from him. After his legal case involving Megan Thee Stallion, it’s safe to assume that their closeness has diminished.

    Her 2014 Track Wasn’t About French Montana

    Recovering from the end of a relationship requires time. While Trina acknowledges her vulnerability after parting ways with French Montana, she declined to compose a song specifically about him.

    She also made it clear that her 2014 track “F**k Love” was unrelated to French Montana, although there are allusions in the song that suggest otherwise. Nevertheless, Trina has had connections, whether romantic or platonic, with some of the most contentious figures in the hip-hop industry.

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