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    Trill Is The Rapper From Baltimore Who’ll Shake The Rap Industry


    Trill was born in Greenville, NC, but he has spent most of his life in Baltimore – the city he calls home. His family moved to different cities, which has made a lasting impact on his life vision and creativity. But when it comes to his musical journey and the person he is, he credits Baltimore for developing his life. This is why he wants to rep the city and give back to the place he hails from.

    Making music inspired him from an early age; this is why no one can call him an “industry plant.” He started making music when he was only 12 and was studying in 6th grade. Now, he has been rapping for the past 15 years. His artistic development is without the help of an OG. He is not the type of musician that looks for helping hands. His musical journey of Trial and Error has led him to become an independent artist who speaks from the core of his heart.

    His musical taste from early childhood became a permanent part of his life when his Girlfriend and his Best Friend, Tamika Raye, left this world. Trill was now all one. Tamika was the person he loved, which this loss ultimately forced Trill into a very dark place in life. Now, he wants to pursue his goal of topping the charts being an independent artist.

    The Rap Industry

    Ups and downs, good and bad events, pain and perseverance – all shaped him to stay motivated and come out as the victor. This is the reason why it classifies other musicians as Good or Bad artists. He gets to enjoy different perspectives artists project through their works. He has done so much that naming a single achievement as the best milestone of his life isn’t his preference. He loves to enjoy what greatness he has achieved in his life and wants to convert it into becoming one of the best rappers out there.

    Trill is a self-made person who has taught him to mind his own business. Facing low self-esteem issues has shaped his personality in such a way that he may seem a little arrogant. But, in real life, he is a chilled-out dude who wants the best for the people around him. That’s why he described his daily routine to be “Stressful,” as he is constantly fighting his demons and providing for his family.

    Coming to his music, WestsideMoe Beats & JuiceTheGrand are Skilled producers who have got the back of this upcoming Baltimore sensation. He is working alongside his studio brothers to cook dope music. Trill is currently working on three projects – all of which will drop throughout 2021. Trill CG is certainly going to make it big for Baltimore in 2021!

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