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    Trevor Lee Is Assembling Hug Improvement With His New Release “Dream Life”

    Trevor Lee’s recent release, “Dream Life.” Wrapped in a dark production with a driving beat and explosive atmospheric choruses, the artist impeccably mixes Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop Rap, and Urban Pop into his music.

    Despite being a catchy feel-good groove, the song sends the message of misery to being in a toxic relationship where you want to leave. It’s easy ending up in the shadow of the past, thinking about what worked and what didn’t work. You can’t while knowing that the relationship is destroying you from the inside. The future becomes anchored in the past.

    Trevor Lee describes the desperate desire to let go and how this can often be so relentlessly difficult to realize. The song is a musical description of certain emotional shadows we can fall into when thinking of certain people. It’s easy to romanticize the past but more challenging to see it for what it is.

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