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    Travis Scott Internet Prank Has Everyone Feeling Stupid

    Travis Scott internet prank fooled the internet leaving a lot of people feeling pretty damn stupid, including Kylie Jenner.

    Welp! We shouldn’t admit this, but we fucked up! But so did everyone else! So that makes it a little better. Recently, we reported on a story about Travis Scott cheating on Kylie Jenner.

    As it turns out, the Travis Scott internet prank was a hoax.

    Christian Adam, a YouTube personality, is the one responsible for the scandal. Earlier this week, he staged a fake picture, where he pretends to be Scott, hugging up on another woman.The internet went crazy, with stories about Scott cheating, which left Scott defending his loyalty.

    After a few days of letting rumors run wild, Adam confessed. The YouTube personality admitted that the Travis Scott internet prank was a social experiment.

    Adam thinks the internet is a gullible place, and he wanted to prove that. After the Travis Scott internet prank was leaked, almost every major publication posted about the scandal. No one did their research.

    Of course, the Travis Scott internet prank pissed people off. It even gained attention from the Kardashians. Kim posted a remark on her Twitter.

    Kim is not alone. Others claim the joke went too far, and is an example of how insensitive people can be.

    Adam states that he didn’t mean any harm.


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