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    Tracy 168 Passes Away: The Graffiti Pioneer Who Brought Wildstyle to the World

    Honoring TRACY 168: The Graffiti Icon Who Redefined Street Art

    In the heart of the bustling New York City, we recently came together to remember a true legend of the graffiti scene. TRACY 168, known as Michael Tracy when he started his journey, passed away at the age of 65 in his Bronx home. He left an unforgettable mark on the world of street art, and his story began back in 1969 when he boldly spray-painted an NYC MTA bus. That was just the start of his lifelong love affair with this vibrant form of artistic expression.

    TRACY 168 is celebrated for giving birth to what we now know as “Wild Style” graffiti, something that turned the streets into canvases of vibrant creativity. His impact went beyond the paint; he was like a guiding star to the young and talented Keith Haring, whose journey from graffiti to the world of contemporary art was deeply influenced by TRACY’s wisdom and support.

    Through the years, TRACY teamed up with some of the biggest names in the graffiti world, like CLIFF, LSD, P NUT SKEME, and more. Their collaborations told stories, shared perspectives, and painted the city’s walls with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Each spray can stroke was more than just color; it was a piece of New York’s living history.

    TRACY 168’s most significant contribution was “Wild Style.” It was more than graffiti; it was an experience, a journey. The intricate lettering, the vibrant colors, and the sense of movement—it all made you feel like the art was alive on the concrete canvas of the city. It was art that spoke to you, that whispered stories of the streets.

    Graffiti Culture
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    What’s remarkable is how TRACY’s influence didn’t stop at his artwork. He took young Keith Haring under his wing, nurturing his talent. That guidance set Haring on the path to global fame, transcending the world of graffiti into the prestigious galleries of New York. It was a testament to TRACY’s power to inspire.

    Throughout his career, TRACY 168 worked hand in hand with graffiti legends like CLIFF, LSD, P NUT SKEME, and many more. They formed a brotherhood of artists who pushed the boundaries of what street art could be, pushing the envelope of creativity in every spray of paint.

    Tracy 168 Contributions
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    On top of his artistic feats, TRACY held an honorary membership in The Black Spades, a legendary South Bronx gang. Later, he founded his own crew, The Wanted, and the spirit of innovation he instilled continues to thrive in the world of street art.

    While TRACY 168 may no longer be with us, his artistic legacy lives on. His groundbreaking style keeps inspiring new generations of graffiti artists, breathing life into the ever-evolving canvas of New York’s walls. He’s more than a legend; he’s an icon, a trailblazer whose art captured the soul of a city.

    In the world of graffiti, TRACY 168’s name will forever be synonymous with innovation and creativity. As we pay our respects to this street art icon, we do so with the knowledge that his legacy will continue to light up the world of graffiti for generations to come.

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