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    Tory Lanez Trial Recap: Will There Be A Fair Verdict?

    If you were sure of the possible conclusion for the Meg vs. Tory case, think again.

    Tory Lanez Trial Recap

    Last week’s criminal trial between rappers Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion began with a series of testimonies and evidence claims. It has been over two years since the allegation of Lanez shooting Megan in the foot. Both parties and witnesses have their versions of the incident, which is what has caused many to scrutinize and pick sides.

    The 27-year-old music icon, known as Megan Pete, initially lied about her injuries and also the true nature of the relationship between her and fellow artist, known as Daystar Peterson. Although she did not come forward with the truth due to fear and embarrassment, she recounted under oath that she did previously have an intimate relationship with Peterson. 

    Peterson, a Canadian citizen, has denied all allegations and pleaded not guilty to assault with a firearm, concealing a loaded, unregistered firearm, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. Prosecutors attempted to add two new witness-tampering charges due to statements about payoffs to stay silent from Peterson. Since it was suggested after the Tory Lanez trial began, the judge denied the additions. If convicted as charged, he could face more than 20 years in prison, including deportation.

    Kelsey Harris’ Role in The Trial

    The claims between the defendant and victim are of opposite degrees with unanswered questions, so the prosecution is betting on witnesses to help. On the night of the shooting, Kelsey Harris, an ex-friend, and assistant of Megan was present. In September 2022, in an interview with law officials, Harris stated that she witnessed Tory shooting Megan. However, just last week in court, Harris stated she could not see anything and couldn’t remember what happened. 

    Megan and Kelsey are reportedly no longer speaking after a seven-year friendship, following the assault in Hollywood Hills. Investigations about a potential cheating scandal including Lanez are bringing forth the root of the argument leading up to the shooting. Megan has not accused Kelsey of violence but is vocal about her lack of support as the victim. Although Harris was given immunity to testify, she was not able to clearly state the events of the night as expected in her initial interview, and her demeanor was extremely anxious.

    In past statements, Kelsey gave information that seemed to favor Megan’s side, but now Harris’ recent overuse of the Fifth Amendment and not remembering due to intoxication is giving confusion as to what the truth is, once again. Meg still stands on the fact that she is sure it is Lanez who shot her while Lanez points the finger at Harris. Kelsey Harris is the key witness in this trial, and jurors will have to choose whether they would want to believe her prior statements, or her most recent comments. The trial may or may not proceed due to the shocking testimonies delivered throughout the case.

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    Stay tuned for more Tory Lanez trial updates.

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