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    Tory Lanez Petitioned For Nicki Minaj To Hop On “SKAT” Remix

    Everyone loves a catchy song. Even artists themselves love the sound of their own music. Tory Lanez especially can’t get enough of his newest single “SKAT” featuring DaBaby. Like almost every rap song, though, two rappers alone isn’t enough to hype up a song. They need an entire army to take the song up a few notches. More importantly, they need a rap icon to up their game.

    Unfortunately, Tory Lanez has fallen from HipHop grace after his drama with Megan Thee Stallion. Though, now the rap star seemingly might be trying to claw his way back into the spotlight by scoring a feature with a major emcee for his “SKAT” track. Now the star has petitioned for rap queen Nicki Minaj to hop on the song’s remix.

                Lanez Petitioned For Nicki Minaj On The “SKAT” Song Remix

    via HipHopDX

    Of course, Nicki Minaj has gained her status as becoming one of the biggest rap stars in the game. Emcees and admirers have given her “flowers”, which she very well deserves. Furthermore, Tory Lanez certainly wants to hand Nicki Minaj her flowers. The rapper even petitioned to have her featured on his collab with DaBaby “SKAT.”

    Moreover, Lanez has been teasing the release of the song for some time now. Now that it’s finally here, Lanez wants to keep the momentum going. After a Twitter user suggested Nicki Minaj hop on the track, the “Say It” rapper agreed. “If the queen hops on the Skat remix… it’s going to be insane! I mean, the song is already amazing… but it will go through the roof after that. And she would definitely kill the beat too! I was thrilled to see that she enjoyed the video! She’s more authentic than most people in our industry,” the star tweeted. If we didn’t know any better, Tory Lanez almost sounds like a super fan.

                        What Do The Fans Have To Say

    via Revolt Tv

    While Tory Lanez is over the moon about a possible collab with Nicki Minaj, fans have mixed feelings. Some of the fans took to Twitter to express their excitement over Lanez’s tweet. Others, however, didn’t seem all that thrilled about Lanez’s petition to collab with Nicki Minaj on the track.

    In fact, some Twitter users threatened to cancel both the rap stars. One Twitter fan wrote, “If Nicki hop on a Tory song I might just have to cancel.” That’s pretty harsh. “Nicki doesn’t even f**k with Tory. I’ll never forget her snatching her verse back him,” another user wrote. People have a lot to say about Tory Lanez’s tweet. Now we’re left wondering what Nicki Minaj thinks about hopping on the “SKAT” remix.

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