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    Tory Lanez Declines To Testify, Defense In Favor Of Verdict

    Tory Lanez Does Not Testify

    Tory Lanez, legally named Daystar Peterson, recently denied testifying, as the defense team questions the inconsistencies of the prosecution. The defense is currently in favor due to Megan Thee Stallion’s team having to prove the shooting without reasonable doubt. The story itself has various versions from victim, suspects, and witnesses.

    Since the beginning of trial, defense for Tory Lanez have claimed truth that Megan (legal last name Pete) was shot or shot at, but deny their client’s responsibility for her injuries.His defense lawyer, George Mgdeseyan, explained to the jurors that Lanez had a right not to testify and focused his claims against Megan on the fact that she lied initially about details to the case.

    Does Meg Have a Chance?


    The defense team is taking the stance that it is Kelsey Harris, ex-friend and witness, who shot Megan during an altercation. Prosecution debates the process of an inebriated friend able to shoot, comfort, and text for help. Megan and her team are convinced that Harris’ recanted statements are from getting spooked or bribed before trial.

    This leads Megan’s team to convince the jurors that Peterson’s history of violence and the details of the incident make him capable of committing a crime to this degree and getting away. Credible witnesses or guaranteed evidence must confirm that Tory Lanez is guilty. Prosecutors will also aim towards evidence of Lanez’s alleged assault of August Alsina in September 2022, as well as his recent music, with lyrics and visuals referencing Pete. Media and defense have used Megan’s lies against her, as the prosecution will also use Lanez’s lies of his height to showcase his own falsehood.

    See if this plays out in the way we expect, or if there’s a twist waiting to turn this case in another direction. Stay tuned for more updates.

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