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    Top Female Rappers Making Their Mark On The Culture 2022

    Times are truly changing for women in the rap game. Just 25 years ago, Foxy Brown was credited as the first female rapper with a #1 project. Even in the 2010s, things were not quite like they are today. It seemed like even then that there was only room for one female artist (i.e. Nicki Minaj). But now we are in a place where multiple female artists can share the spotlight.

    In such a male-dominated field, they try to hold women to different standards. They are always overly judging their subject material or the way they dress. Where is this same energy for their male counterparts, who can get by on the bare minimum?

    This is what sets Hypefresh from other platforms. We always make sure to show love to dope talent regardless of gender. So it’s only right we show our respect and acknowledge the future female icons that are currently making a big impact on the rap game.


    If there’s anyone who deserves to be on this list, without a doubt, it’s Glorilla. Sometimes I wish that she never signed CMG because her potential is out of this world. Before her, nobody was even thinking about female talent in Memphis. But thanks to her, she showed that Memphis has more to offer than the usual faces such as Young Dolph or Moneybagg Yo.

    The one thing you can’t take away from her is that she knows how to make a hit. I wouldn’t even dare call her a one-hit wonder, either. This is why I’m glad a heavy hitter like Cardi B showed love to her and hopped on the remix for “Tomorrow”. In conclusion, Glorilla is here to stay and helped push the culture forward.

    2. Ice Spice

    Every year, a new artist is responsible for a chart-topping hit and simultaneously it cements their place in mainstream music. One artist that accomplished this feat is New York’s Ice Spice. Her hit single “Munch” is easily one of the most unavoidable songs. If you’re at a party or club, I guarantee this song will get some spins. It reminds me of “Old Town Road” and how it allowed Lil Nas X to go down a path of stardom.

    Now I’m not guaranteeing that Ice Spice will become a staple, due to the unforeseen future for NY drill music. But everything about her aesthetic screams star. For god’s sake, she has a co-sign from Drake! That has to be one of the hardest co-signs to obtain and it was well deserved. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for her.

    3.Baby Tate

    Originally, I was going to give this spot to Cardi B. But it didn’t make sense for me to give this spot to an already-established star. Besides her features, her single, “Hot Sh*t”, wasn’t worth a damn. The last artist I want to highlight is Atlanta’s Baby Tate. She is one of the few artists that hasn’t released a project that I haven’t liked yet. Not too many rappers are also good at singing, but Baby Tate can truly sing her ass off.

    It’s not too late for you to stop sleeping on her. She recently released a duet with legendary singer-songwriter Babyface, proving she can sing with the best. It’s like every time she gets on a track she gives us her all. You can tell she’s been patiently waiting for this moment her whole life and she’s making the most of it.

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