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    Top 5 times rappers have snatched fans’ cellphones

    Grand Theft Artist: cellphones misplaced

    We all know about the times where rappers lose their phones, chains, and other belongings during their encounters with fans. That being said, rappers have also been guilty of taking cell phones away from some, often overly excited, fans. Whether people are throwing their phones on stage at a hip hop concert, or getting too close when trying to take a picture, fans learn sooner or later. Here are the top 5 times fans have gotten their cellphones snatched from their favorite rappers.

    Jay Z

    Trying to record Hov or Queen B will never go well, this unfortunate and embarrassed fan had to find out the hard way.

    Baby Keem

    This one was apparently an interception, the fan was trying to throw his cellphone at Kid Kudi during his concert. Baby Keem however, saw the pass and decided to take the phone backstage and record videos on the device.


    The City Girls artist is lucky she didn’t break one of her ridiculously long nails. She snatched that phone so fast I had to watch the video twice just to understand what happened.

    Bad Bunny

    This one was quite the toss, Bad Bunny must have played baseball back in Puerto Rico. The silence after he threw the phone was deafening to say the least.

    Kanye West

    Currently under investigation for his latest antics, Yeezy was at his breaking point yet again in regards to the paparazzi. This time, unfortunately, it may cost him some of his time and freedom.

    What are some other times that rappers punished their fans for overstepping their boundaries? Are hip hop artists in the right for their retaliations to these crazy citizens? Should their actions be punished by law just like when a non celebrity does the same thing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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