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    Top 5 Edge Rushers In NFL Madden 23 Released, True or False?

    The 2022-23 NFL season is nearing just a month or so away from the regular season. Usually, every season the video game, NFL Madden, drops before the season appears. Madden 23 is finally here. Throughout the season the ratings for each of the players fluctuate depending on their production on the field.  Due to the death of Raiders legend John Madden they decided to use his famous moment as the cover to celebrate his legacy. However, during the first week of every Madden, many fans seemed to be outraged based on the ratings of their favorite team and players. Madden 23 is absolutely no different!

    The biggest debate thus far is the edge rushers ratings among the league, reported Michael Rothstein for ESPN. To be fair there are phenoms scattered throughout the league, however, it still has levels of production and talent. The video game, NFL Madden, attempts to bring realism to the video game for non-pros to feel a part of something. As the game has grown throughout American culture-specific aspects of the game began sticking out to the masses. The number one concept is the rating, so much so, that some players take it personally. Many athletes have come out and stated their disapproval of their ratings or have used this as motivation going forward.

    Here are the NFL Madden 23 Edge Rushers Ratings:

    Madden’s 23 Edge Rushers

    1. Myles Garrett, Browns: 99
    2. T.J. Watt, Steelers: 96
    3. Nick Bosa, 49ers: 94

    T-4. Von Miller, Bills: 92

    T-4. Khalil Mack, Chargers: 92

    1. Joey Bosa, Chargers: 91


    Many are in outrage that the former DPOY (defensive player of the year) Pittsburgh Steelers DE T.J. Watt is lower rated than Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett. While many would agree they’re both stars in their own right, it’s odd how one had a clearly better season than the other, yet, still ranked lower. In 2021, the reigning DPOYrecorded 64 combined tackles, 16 assists, and 23 sacks, according to ESPN.

    It’s clear who had the better season out of the two, yet, the results are odd. This leads many people to question the metric the video game makers base their info on relating to ratings. However, this game is a phenomenon and millions will support and buy the game without question. Over the years, the cult following of this game has brought is extremely impressive.

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