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    Five Tips For Improving Black Men’s Health

    Black men are the most loved and the most hated specimen to walk the earth since the beginning of the Black era. Societal pressure of being a ‘real man’ forces this stigma that Black men must achieve a certain amount of wealth or success to be ‘husband material’. Black men’s health is almost an after thought.                                     

    Is Health Important To Men Of Color?

    Men have a natural urgency to become providers. However, for most Black men, being consistent with health care is not a priority.

    According to UMC, there are about 21 million Black men in the United States. In other aspects, there is another kind of lack in urgency when it comes to health and Black men.

    Other Factors

    In a lot of cases, setbacks are due to racial discrimination, cultural barriers, lack of affordable health services and employment that does not carry health insurance.

    Overall, in the Black male spectrum, there lies a significant lack of health education.

    The Ultimate Silent Killer — Obesity 

    Obesity is a large factor affecting optimum health in Black men. Obesity contributes to diseases like hypertension, where there are 40% of Black men who are 20 and above who suffer.

    UMC also states that 40% of Black men have heart disease in contrast to 21% of white men.

    38% of Black men over the age of 20 are obese.

    A Five Step Guide To Improve Optimum Health 

    1. Be educated about family history –  Talk to a doctor about health issues in your family, as you may be at high risks for adapting these illnesses.
    2. Diet – Maintain a healthy diet by cutting foods that contribute to hypertension and heart disease such as fried foods, processed meats and canned foods.
    3. Exercise – To maintain a healthy heart, increase your heart rate for 30 minutes a day simply by taking a walk. This also relieves stress.
    4. Adopt a primary care Physician and use them regularly. Preventative check-ups save lives.
    5. Quit smoking: Smoking causes cholesterol that accumulates in arteries causing heart disease.

    According to Guadaloupe Regional Medical Center, choosing a daily health regimen or schedule to follow results in better health practices.

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